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Educational toy recommendation: like the baby bracket type color graffiti board · stimulate the unlimited creativity of the baby

by:Toysmax     2021-05-29

The vitality and creativity of the baby are endless, and of course the hands-on ability is also endless. I believe that many parents will have a headache because the baby scribbles on the walls and furniture at home. Parents do not want to hinder the development of the baby's hands-on ability, nor do they want to be messed up by the baby at home, so how to solve this problem? The editor recommends a convenient and practical toy-Zanbaby bracket type color graffiti board.

Zhanbaby bracket-type color graffiti board, which combines the graffiti board and the bracket to create a graffiti environment for the baby. The baby sits on a stool and can let the baby Calm down and draw what you think, you can also limit the baby's range of activities to ensure a clean and tidy home.

At the same time, the Zanbaby bracket type color graffiti board will not only have black and white like other graffiti boards. It uses magnets to display strokes. This graffiti board has the ability to display colors, and babies like color pictures more , Can also enrich the baby’s world, so that the baby’s drawing is no longer monotonous black; the graffiti board also has the function of reusing, you don’t need to care how much your baby draws, and you don’t need to waste paper like before. You can wipe it off after drawing Convenient and practical.

Like the baby scaffolding color graffiti board, give babies a colorful childhood, let their dreams fly, enhance their hands-on ability, and at the same time give parents a clean and tidy family environment. Parents are more at ease and babies are more at ease. In addition, interested parties can now leave a message for consultation through the Global Baby and Child Network.

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