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Early childhood smart toy market sales exceeded 1.6 billion in the first half of the year

by:Toysmax     2021-05-14

Recently, in the double eleven pre-sales list, early childhood education/smart toy brands broke into the TOP10, and this category's share in the toy market cannot be ignored. According to the market intelligence data of Magic Mirror, from April to September 2019, comprehensive sales data of Tmall, Taobao, Tmall Supermarket, Tmall International, and Tmall Global Purchase, among the top ten categories of toys, early education/smart toys The market size has reached 1.6 billion, becoming the fifth largest category of toys.

Early education machine/point-to-read learning is the most popular, toy wall chart/cognitive card is just needed for early education

In the sub-category of early education/smart toys , The highest sales are early education machines/point-to-read learning, followed by toy wall charts/cognitive cards, early education teaching aids/early education sets, children’s MP3/story machines, early education flash cards/potential development cards, stickers, multifunctional toy tables/games Tables, other early education toys, children's watches, magnetic stickers, etc. In the TOP10 list of pre-sale toys for Double Eleven, 7 brands have early education machine products. The product types are rich and the prices are different. It can be seen that there is strong consumer demand for early education machines/point reading learning products, and existing brands occupy a larger market. Share.

From the sales of early education/smart toys, the sales of early education machines/point reading learning are not very high, but the sales of toy wall charts/cognitive cards and stickers are higher, far exceeding other categories. As a smart product, early education machine/point-to-read learning has high Ru0026D and production costs. Consumers value the battery life, sound quality, and intelligence of the product, and the final price is correspondingly higher. Toy wall charts/cognitive cards and stickers are low in cost, low in price, and are essential teaching aids for children to learn. Therefore, although their sales are high, their sales rank low.

Tongzhisheng’s sales occupies the top of the list, but there is no layout on Double Eleven.

From the perspective of brand sales, excluding other categories, Tongzhi With a market share of 114 million yuan, Shengsheng occupies the first place, followed by Qiaohu, Huohuotu, Leleyu, and Logic Dog ranked third, fourth, and fifth respectively, and six to nine are Xiaobawang and Xiaobawang. Niutingting, Panda Quantum, Xiaomi. Niu Tingting, who is ranked 8th in the latest double eleven pre-sales list, ranked lower in sales from April to September.

In addition, brands such as Tongzhisheng, Leleyu, Xiaobawang, Panda Quantum, and Xiaomi have not been seen in the double eleven pre-sale power list.

From the perspective of brand sales, Tongzhisheng, which ranks first in sales, has very few sales. This is related to Tongzhisheng’s main product is early education robots. Compared with audiobooks, early education robots have high unit prices and high costs. Therefore, in the chart, Leleyu has high sales, but sales rank fourth.

From the perspective of brand trends, from April to September, the sales trajectory of Tongzhisheng took a parabolic shape. It began to grow in May and reached its peak in July. Gradually slowing down, Double Eleven is coming soon, and its official flagship store is still the beginning of the school season, and there is no publicity for Double Eleven.

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