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Early childhood education educational toys become the main trend of e-commerce, and development tends to be intelligent

by:Toysmax     2021-05-20

In recent years, early childhood education toys have occupied the entire toy market, and ordinary toys have not attracted the attention of consumers. Toys need constant innovation. Now, children's early education toys have gradually developed in the direction of intelligence and digitization. New areas have been developed for children's toys.

Huile swing goose early education machine

Early education educational toys become the main e-commerce platform

You can find from the list of types on the list , The craze for plush and remote control products suddenly receded, and early education educational toys represented by magnetic films, literacy wall charts, and baby products occupy a dominant position. The author's investigation found that the hot-selling educational toys after the Spring Festival are mainly concentrated in the four categories of story machines, building blocks, hands-on toys and musical toys. Early education educational toys have also undergone a process of initial hardware to software transformation.

With the implementation of the two-child policy, the early education educational toy market has once again become the focus of social attention, and mothers born in the 1980s and 1990s have become the main force in the market. At the same time, in order to further occupy the potential market, many experts conduct segmented research on customer consumption habits. In response to product positioning issues, the reporter interviewed Shenzhen Boyue Living Products Co., Ltd., the behind-the-scenes creator of the Huohuotu story machine, which has successfully sold well in e-commerce channels. Peng Na, the company's e-commerce manager, said that in the current early education educational toy market, the consumer group of users belongs to the middle to high end. When users choose early education products, they care more about the product's cost performance. Compared with ordinary toys, users care more about the intelligence and specialization of the products when they choose early education educational toys. “Science and technology products have realized children’s early education, whether the operation is simple and convenient, and whether they can strengthen parent-child interaction are issues that they are more concerned about. Therefore, Boyue has recently launched fire Huotu children’s Internet early education story machine, Huohuotu children’s smart rattles and other products.

Huohuotu children’s smart rattles

The early education category is facing intense Competition

'The huge market demand will inevitably face fierce market competition. 2015 is the process of reshuffle of early childhood educational toys.' Chen Xiaowei, marketing director of Guangdong Huile Toy Industry Co., Ltd., shared his many years of experience Market experience: 'Early education and educational toys are the mainstream of the current toy market. Many online businesses, whether they are animation or remote control, will be marked with 'early education puzzle' in their website keywords and shops. For the banner, we have seen the toy e-commerce market from mediocrity to explosion and then decline from the 'Double Eleven' promotion in the past three years. In fact, this is also inseparable from the irregular online environment. 'Director Chen said that early childhood educational toys have tested their design and innovative functions the most in the past. Without innovation, products cannot accept consumer testing. This is the reason why many companies are eliminated in the reshuffle.

Development trend of early education professional intelligent digital

For the future development of early education educational toys, Director Chen Xiaowei believes that under the premise of accelerated market segmentation, those designs that can withstand subsequent competition tests are mostly those designs As a brand that can independently innovate in terms of functions and functions, Huile has a lot of investment and support in research and development, such as the successful launch of 'IQ Intellectual Game TableThroughout the course, early education educational toys have experienced the initial hardware-to-software transformation, from the initial simple hardware products to children’s intelligent digitalization, and the future will develop towards product intelligence, early education specialization, and software content.

Voices of consumers

Some consumers on the Internet have the following voices for early education educational toys:

1. The product has the paint drop;

2 . The product volume is insufficient;

3. The product play is relatively simple;

4. The product manual is not detailed enough;

5. The product size, color and picture are different Difference.

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