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E-commerce platform toy quality problems become a mystery

by:Toysmax     2021-05-10

The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced yesterday that in 2017, 10 528 batches of online shopping products were spot-checked, and the unqualified detection rate was 25%. Spot checks revealed that the safety of smart toilet lids and children's toy products are prominent; Tmall and have been recruited by two integrated e-commerce platforms to remind consumers who buy maternal and infant products and children's toys online to distinguish.

With diversified channels, toys have become a new force for maternity and infant stores.

Consumers’ demand for toys in the pregnancy, infant and child market continues to grow. According to CBME China A survey report on the consumer market for pregnant, infants and children shows that toy consumption ranks second only after milk powder in the consumption of 2-3 year old baby families, and has surpassed related categories such as children's clothing, washing and nursing, and lathes.

At the same time, according to the UBM survey, toys are the products in maternal and child stores that consumers least value the brand. Therefore, maternal and child stores have an advantage in the development of toy categories. They can choose high-quality products at low prices and profit margins. Big brand.

The general manager of the original Aofei animation infant and children division once pointed out: 'Toy companies that cooperate with maternal and infant retailers need to pay more attention to product innovation, create unique and powerful core products with strong vitality, and increase the value of the brand. Sense. The maternal and infant channels represented by maternal and infant stores, maternity and infant life centers, and one-stop hypermarkets have become an independent and rapidly expanding sales channel.'

'Product Quality'Product experience' and 'parent-child interaction' are the advantages of maternal and child store channels. For this reason, maternal and child stores/maternal and child department stores have become the focus of toy brand expansion.

Toys become the key to restructuring the category structure of maternal and child stores

According to a survey by UBM, toy brands regard maternal and child stores and maternal and child department stores as the future The most important sales channel. In the case of increasingly fierce competition in maternal and child stores, restructuring the category structure is the key, and toys play an important role in it. According to the person in charge of the toy category of Kidswant Children’s Products Co., Ltd.: Toys are typical non-standard products, which are to achieve store differences. It is an important category of globalization; at the same time, the toy category is the best carrier to achieve interactive behavior, which can provide customers with more interactive activities and services.

Some people in the industry pointed out: “In the past, more than 90% of maternity and baby stores in China started with food or milk powder. Although milk powder has high sales and low profits, it is necessary to adjust the category structure. Pay attention to toys with greater profit margins.' The profit of products such as milk powder and diapers sold in the mother and baby channel is roughly 10% or even 5%, while the profit of toys is several times that, which brings margin protection to stores in this channel.

It can be seen that the toy category has become a key development category for maternal and child channels to enhance consumer experience, product differentiation and increase profit margins.

Driven by the second-child bonus, maternal and child stores or maternal and child department stores have become the main purchase channels for consumers. In maternal and child stores, toys have become a category that cannot be underestimated. The huge profits can also bring consumers an interactive experience. At the same time, toys also regard the mother and baby store as the main channel for future development. The integrated development of the two will surely promote the new trend of the future mother and baby industry.

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