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Double 11 toy retailers fight for the shopping season, exclusive sales are the biggest advantage

by:Toysmax     2021-05-06

It is understood that in order to attract consumers during the holiday shopping season, more and more retailers are adopting the practice of exclusively selling popular toy products.

The toys exclusively sold by retailers will become the most popular products in this holiday shopping season, especially those characters or brands that are popular among children. Retail giants such as Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us and Kohl’s have already started selling this year’s exclusive products.

The purpose of this move is to attract consumers to shop to buy, and hope that they can buy other gifts together.

National Retail Federation media director Ana Serafin-Smith said: 'This has been a practice that retailers have adopted during the holiday shopping season in recent years, but we have seen almost all major retail Companies are also involved. They want to store as many exclusive toys as possible, which can help them increase store traffic.'

Target’s branch in Royal Palm Beach also vacated the popular Our Generation series of toys. It has tripled the space and provided more different combinations so that children can find similar toys. The toy is 18 inches in size and is similar to the more expensive American Girl dolls. It is the most popular toy on Target.

Target this year launched an exclusive ice cream truck toy and complementary sales of the doll. The company said that the ice cream truck is one of the 1,800 new series or exclusive toys that Target has prepared this year, with a 15% increase over 2015. Target also plans to provide an exclusive board game-the Trolls series of toys.

Serafin-Smith said that exclusive toys are more profitable, so they are very attractive to retailers. He said: 'Retailers know that even if there are no discounts or promotions, they can still sell products exclusively. Sell u200bu200bit at a high price because there is no competitor that sells the same product.'

Of the Top 40 Toys R Us hot toys this year, 9 of them are exclusively sold toys.

Last month, US wholesale supplier BJ’s Wholesale Club also revealed the top 10 toys for the holiday shopping season in 2016. There are also several exclusive toys in the ranking.

Shelton said: 'Competitors can’t beat your price because they don’t supply the same products at all.'

Some retailers only sell toys exclusively in physical stores, and Not online, this is to attract consumers to buy in physical stores. He said: 'Sometimes the exclusive sales are only in physical stores, which means that if consumers are determined to buy certain toys, they will go to the store to buy, or even more likely to buy all the holiday products in the same store. Instead of buying it at a competitor’s store.'

Shelton pointed out that Kohl’s hopes to capitalize on consumer enthusiasm for dolls. It cooperated with American Girl to sell the 2016 Girl of the Year Lea dolls and related accessories. Toys cannot be bought on Kohl's website.

'Black Friday' shopping site spokesperson Eric Jones said that the doll will become one of the hottest toy products this year, and it can help Kohl’s promote to a toy retailer.

Jones said: 'Some stores use exclusive sales of popular toys to increase their popularity as toy sellers. Take Kohl's as an example. A few years ago, it was not known for selling toys, but in my opinion, During this year’s Black Friday, it is likely to be a dark horse among toy and game retailers.'

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