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Does the sharing economy work in the toy industry?

by:Toysmax     2021-05-18

Everyone is familiar with the term 'sharing'. From shared bicycles, shared cars to shared power banks, the sharing economy has gradually extended from travel to more subdivisions. With the liberalization of the two-child policy and the gradual emergence of dividends in the maternal and child industry, shared toys have quietly emerged.

There are more and more categories of children's toys, and with the development of technology, they have been developing towards intelligence and high-end. However, a problem that practitioners have to consider is that children's interest in toys has a time limit, and they will soon enter a state of 'weary'. Therefore, for parents, frequent toy purchases will also become a relatively large expenditure. The sharing economy has therefore 'invaded' into the toy industry, and many parents are also willing to pay for this low-cost and high-return form.

As an industry dominated by offline retail and online platforms are gradually developing strength, the toy industry has also borrowed this method when developing the sharing economy.

Offline, community toy cabinets and experience stores have become an important part. The experience store is similar to a traditional retail store, which achieves the purpose of completing the transaction through physical interaction. The community toy cabinet adopts offline marketing methods and online payment methods, which are more similar to vending machines.

The biggest advantage of this is not only the proximity to the user, but also that this kind of rental can change the behavior of parents. According to the survey, most parents choose to buy toys for their children as gifts on festivals such as Children’s Day and their children’s birthday. But the way of leasing allows parents to add new toys at any time, and there is no need to consider the problem that toys may occupy too much family space.

Online, shared toys like Superman and Play Duoduo have sprung up after the rain. They are deployed through a series of methods such as APP, WeChat Official Account, Community, and Mini Program. However, the overall quality is uneven, and there is no uniform industry standard. Compared with the offline model, consumers will have more choices, but at the same time they will bear higher risks. For merchants, the online cost structure and post-rental services will be relatively complicated.

Starting from the sharing of bicycles, the domestic sharing economy has always been at the forefront. Even if it is extended to other fields, there will still be common problems, and there will be specific problems for different industries. appear. For toy rentals, the most interesting issue is hygiene. Many young children have the habit of using their mouths to bite toys, without sufficient self-protection awareness. Without disinfection, shared toys may become a time bomb at any time.

The same reason is also reflected in the safety. Many domestic pirated toys are not perfect in the handling of small parts, and they are very likely to be irreversible to children inadvertently. s damage. Once such an accident occurs, the first is the harm to the family, and secondly, who should bear the consequences? The toy manufacturer or the toy rental company.

Generally speaking, it is still a matter of industry standards. The consumption capacity of the children’s market is constantly improving with the development of this economy. The relevant departments need to conduct standardized management in time. For example, for shared toys, a unified The disinfection process and testing standards must ensure hygiene and quality safety.

For all models of the sharing economy, timely follow-up of supervision is required, and cannot be allowed to grow brutally. Only in this way can the sharing economy play a role in benefiting the people and benefiting the society, but not Let some unscrupulous merchants use the banner of 'sharing' to deceive consumers for profit, otherwise it will be completely different from the original intention of the sharing economy.

Article source: Toy Frontier

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