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Do you know the six major trends in the development of the toy market in the future?

by:Toysmax     2021-05-13

According to the foreign media 'SI' life website, the 2017 New York Toy Fair was unprecedented. 1,100 exhibitors and more than 30,000 guests and experts participated in the 4-day trade fair. It can be seen from this exhibition that there will be six major trends in the development of the toy market in the coming year.

The first is the collection trend. Collectible items in the toy category include: basic edition collectibles, affordable collectibles, collectibles for enthusiasts, multi-functional collectibles, and high-priced special collections. Such toys can help children develop survival skills, such as exercising personal will, social and organizational skills.

The second is the active trend. Toys in the future will focus on cultivating children’s outdoor skills, such as asking children to get up on time and encouraging children to move outdoors or outdoors for activities. This type of toy will stimulate children to burn excess energy, while at the same time seamlessly connecting with daily life. At present, toys that conform to this trend include technology toys, classic outdoor sports toys, and traditional digital games that can exercise face to face.

The third is technology trends. In recent years, technology has fully penetrated the game field, and augmented virtual reality toys, drones, virtual pets and intelligent companion robots have all appeared on the market.

The fourth is the classic trend. This is related to the nostalgia of modern people. In order to meet the needs of consumers, game manufacturers are constantly changing retro toys, classic shapes and outdated game brands, and repackage them into a new generation of international popular toys through digital marketing channels.

The fifth is the film trend. This is a new trend that has not been noticed before, that is, the release of movies has greatly promoted the development of the toy industry. Several movies targeting family members have spurred the hot sales of corresponding toys this year, such as Lego, 'Batman'And the movie figure of 'Star Wars' that will be released at the end of this year. The types of toys that have been authorized include plush toys, dolls and jigsaw puzzles.

The sixth is agglutination trend. If in the past superimposed toys such as puzzles and building blocks were just telling children that there are concepts such as science, technology, art, and mathematics in society, then in the future, after robotics technology is fully integrated into toys, children will play and stack all games together. Game components together. This means that the types of games will be gathered in one place to help children learn key social skills.

The United States Toy Industry Association TIA organized this exhibition. The president and CEO of the association Steve Peshbu believes that this year’s international toy fair in North America has made New York a very innovative spirit. A place with energy. The biggest highlight of the exhibition is the exploration of the combination of physical toys and virtual technology. This is clearly reflected in the latest Barbie doll series. Children can talk to the Barbie doll in augmented reality through the intelligent voice system and do yoga with them. Not only that, the exhibition also produced a new term called 'material toys'. When playing with such toys, you need to cooperate with wearable devices. After downloading and installing a small program, ordinary toys can move. It is reported that the US toy industry is now worth US$26 billion. In 2017, toy manufacturers hope to integrate more closely with the entertainment industry and find new growth points by developing new forms of toy distribution.

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