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Do you care about toy brands? What are the requirements to be an agent?

by:Toysmax     2021-06-02

At present, the toy market is very hot. With the implementation of the second-child policy, 1 million more babies are produced every year, which makes the demand for the toy market continue to expand. Many people with lofty ideals are preparing to open toy stores to take this opportunity to make money. Diandian Care is a toy brand under Nanjing Diandian Infant Products Co., Ltd. It has been committed to the healthy growth of infants and young children. It has been involved in the development and production of infant products, scientific care of infants and young children, and early childhood education and entertainment. It is the first company in the baby products industry to fully introduce CIS, and is the first to explore an all-round business model integrating product design, development, production and sales. How about caring for the brand a little bit? And with the editor, see the following introduction.

Diandian care brand toy products combine the characteristics of international infant and toddler education, and introduce advanced infant care concepts, so that babies can enjoy professional and meticulous care during the process of healthy growth. By building a multi-level and multi-angle marketing system, each regional agent is guaranteed to have greater profit margins and better future development.

So what are the requirements to be an agent?

1. Diandian regional distributors must be citizens, legal persons and other legal organizations with full capacity for civil conduct at the age of 18 or above, who love the cause of infants and young children, and are caring and responsible.

2. There must be a sound sales network channel and good interpersonal and social relations in the local area, and a strong sense of professionalism and brand protection.

3. Able to understand Diandian brand management philosophy and accept Diandian brand management.

4. The location of the store must be located in a city above the county level or in a more developed town. There are more than 100 square meters of facade houses.

5. Agree to take payment to delivery method.

6. Ability to strictly abide by the operating regulations and professional ethics of the franchise stores.

7. Start-up funds of RMB 300,000 to 500,000 are available to pay for the first batch of goods, deposits and daily operating expenses.

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