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Discards turned into toddlers' toys and won the first prize

by:Toysmax     2021-05-14
A few days ago, in the 4th Sichuan Province Kindergarten Excellent Self-made Toys Exhibition, the works of Hedong Kindergarten in Naxi District of Luzhou and Xiaoshi Kindergarten in Longmatan District both won the first prize. The self-made children’s toys make full use of waste materials, integrate science, fun, operability and safety, and highlight the characteristics of 'self-made' and 'play and teach'. In most kindergartens in Luzhou, homemade toys are very popular among children. Yesterday afternoon, on the second floor of the small city kindergarten teaching building, toys such as gobang, chess, and animal chess were all laid out on the floor, and children from the first class (the first class) competed in pairs. The various chess pieces in the hands of toddlers are all made of discarded bottle caps. Next to the chess toys, an exquisite chime is very popular among children. The chime composed of eight wine bottle caps, which is made by the teacher, is exactly the standard eight notes. Xiao City kindergarten principal Xiong Fangling said that through self-made educational games, children’s attention can be concentrated, children’s observation, logical thinking, and calculation skills can be cultivated, memory can be enhanced, and children’s thinking flexibility and agility can be improved, and The ability to cooperate and communicate and resist frustration. Now, self-made toys in the park account for half of all toys. The reporter of Huaxi City Reader yesterday learned from the Luzhou City Education Bureau that at present, in most kindergartens in Luzhou, self-made toys account for a large proportion of toys. All kindergartens focus on teaching materials and make full use of various natural resources and safe and environmentally friendly waste materials to make toys from the perspective of ecology, environmental protection and safety. The types include interest, intelligence, and sports.
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