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Develop your baby’s intelligence by playing games, don’t fall into such a misunderstanding

by:Toysmax     2021-05-26

With the gradual growth of the baby, the perception ability is getting stronger and stronger, and the ability to accept new things is constantly improving. Many parents are paying more and more attention to the baby's intellectual development. For this reason, many parents hope to develop their babies’ intelligence through methods such as swimming and playing games with their babies. The starting point is good, but while developing the baby’s intelligence through games, many parents will unknowingly fall into such a misunderstanding.

Anxious for success

Anxious for success is a common problem for many parents, and babies will inevitably encounter various problems in the process of swimming. Many parents can't wait to help the baby solve the problem when the baby encounters a problem. In fact, this seems to help the baby, but it is actually very detrimental to the baby's intellectual development. When a baby encounters a problem, he will also think about how to solve it. Parents should give the baby a certain amount of time to think, instead of 'helping' immediately, this will limit the baby's imagination and creativity.

Interrupt the baby

Some parents watch the baby's concentration when the baby is playing games, and can't help but 'teasing' the baby, or with the baby Talk, interrupt the baby, and then look at the smile that the baby casts on him with a silly smile. In fact, interrupting the baby in this way is very detrimental to the baby's intellectual development. Although the baby is small, it also needs to have independent time and space, which is more conducive to cultivating the baby's concentration and promoting the baby's intellectual development.

Too indulgent

Many parents think that as long as they don’t cry or make trouble, they can play any game. Parents don’t need to intervene, they always hold ' If you don’t make trouble, I will sleep' mentality. In fact, this kind of over-indulgent attitude will make the baby miss a lot of learning opportunities in the game, and it is not conducive to the development of parent-child relationship. It is recommended that parents play games with their babies appropriately, so as to help babies grow up healthily and form a unique personality charm.

Limiting activities

Because the baby is still young, there will often be problems of one kind or another during the game, and sometimes even 'cause trouble, Dirty walls, etc. When some parents encounter this situation, they will get angry and restrict the baby's activities. In fact, during the baby's game, neither overindulge nor restrict the baby's activities. Parents must be 'tight and tight' so as to better develop the baby's intelligence.

Blind guidance

When it comes to educating babies, many mothers will unconsciously follow the 'children of other peopleInstruct the baby what to do and even stipulate which games the baby should play. It is important to know that babies of different months have different characteristics, and their favorite games and activities are also different. The so-called guidance of parents is likely to cause rejection of the baby. According to the baby's actual age, let the baby play more interesting games to help develop the baby's intelligence.

Furthermore, I would like to remind all parents that when babies grow up, games are the learning process of babies. Parents should seize the opportunity to promote the intellectual development of babies through appropriate games. At the same time, we must pay attention to avoid falling into the above misunderstandings during the game with the baby, in order to stimulate the baby's more potential.

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