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Deformation toys combined with electric remote control elements became a breakout explosion at the end of the year

by:Toysmax     2021-05-17

In 2015, the e-commerce market was surging. Well-known e-commerce platforms led by Taobao and have repeatedly achieved good results. Together with the promulgation and implementation of relevant policies by the state, 'Internet +' has reached a new height. The development of e-commerce platforms is also beneficial to the toy industry. Major platforms have subdivided their layout in the toy market. Many game companies are actively embarking on the catenary channel when the physical market encounters bottlenecks. The active approach of supply and demand sides makes the 2016 toy e-commerce market worth looking forward to.

▲ Transformers Toys

In the e-commerce market in December, the 'Double 12' promotion matched the traditional peak season and the efforts of merchants, successfully out of a batch The best-selling products that made the list for the first time are Jiebang 'Mini Hamster MachineSnowflakePapa Dog, Lego “Little Christmas Tree”, “Large Creative Box” and “Seaplane”, Xianbang Baby “Puzzle and Smart Stick”, “Building Block Carousel Music Drum”, and “Plate Learning Machine”. From the analysis of the characteristics of the list, whether it is a local brand or a foreign brand, the products on the list in December are mostly affordable. In terms of specific categories, transforming toys combined with electric remote control elements have become a breakthrough at the end of the year. The channel quickly became popular.

Continuously innovating long-sleeved dances

Transformation toys are toys designed around the basic principle of 'changeHasbro’s Transformers, which sell well in domestic e-commerce channels, include Aofei’s Mecha Beast God and many other classic products.

Deng Jiale, the e-commerce operation department of Century Ledi Trading Co., Ltd., said that transforming toys have experienced more than 30 years of development. Products have promoted the rise of animation culture in Japan and the United States, and created a main product to drive derivative toys. Precedent, but limited to the toy production technology at the time, the product only stays in the basic action forms such as the bending of the hand and foot joints. The image is limited to the contours of the car and airplane of the year. It has a strong brand of the times. It has been popular until now the conventional model of animation driving products. . 'Like the magic car god launched by Lingdong, the car god can automatically transform into a robot by touching the card, and the two can also be played against each other. The manufacturer also has large-scale offline events, which are deeply loved by children across the country.' At the same time, transforming toys It is also merging with other toy elements. The reporter's investigation found that in addition to relying on animation images and popular cartoons to win, many domestic leading brands such as Shengxiong and Shuangying have launched new products 'transformation + animation + remote controlThe brand-new interactive battle function quickly gained consumer recognition after its launch.

▲The magic car god of smart creation

Elite products will become a trend

For the future development direction of products, Deng Jiale believes that transforming toys are in the e-commerce market The development from the initial low-price vicious competition to the current manufacturer’s unified price-limiting sales, and then the emergence of a variety of new-generation deformed remote control cars in the market is a manifestation of the market development

It is expected that as consumer demand upgrades, parents will treat their children More and more attention is paid to physical and mental health. Transforming toys will be upgraded in terms of design, workmanship, performance, and quality to meet consumer needs. Products will be injected with more personality culture and emotional extension in the future, and are no longer limited to conventional plastic materials. Elite products controlled by smart technology, such as multi-variety and integration, and the addition of mobile phone App programs, will form a trend on the market.

Voices of consumers

Some consumers of transforming toys on the Internet have the following voices about the products:

1. Joint movement is not flexible;

2. The product cannot stand steadily;

3. The product is easy to peel off the paint;

4. The remote control response is slow;

5. The product has a short battery life.

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