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Deeply cultivating the children's market, helping the industry to upgrade the content of consumption Wanda Baby King creates authorized 'new gameplay'

by:Toysmax     2021-05-12

From July 24th to 26th, the 13th Shanghai International Brand Licensing and Derivatives Exhibition (referred to as: Shanghai Licensing Exhibition) was held at Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. As the largest domestic children’s real-life consumer chain company, Wanda Baby Wang Group Co., Ltd. unveiled its super IP lineup.

As Asia’s largest and most influential professional licensing trade show, CLE China Licensing Expo (China Licensing Expo) is recognized as the best business platform for licensing business in the Chinese market. The authorization program provides an opportunity for face-to-face in-depth communication with outstanding manufacturers and retailers in various industries.

As a copyright holder and operator with multiple high-quality IP projects, Wanda Baby King has joined the authorization camp for many years. Up to now, Baby King has developed 14 categories in China through the commercial authorization model. Nearly a thousand SKUs. At this exhibition, its animation IP images such as 'Small Column under the SeaThe wide variety of derivatives is also dizzying and very eye-catching.

Deeply cultivating the children’s market to help industrial consumption upgrade content

Nowadays, the number of newborns in South Korea and Japan is showing a negative growth trend, while China’s annual growth rate is still more than 1,700. The population growth rate of 10,000 newborns is developing. Especially since the opening of the second-child policy, the consumer market for parent-child families has become a blue ocean for consumption upgrades. The arrival of the 'baby boom' will continue to drive the domestic children's market demand. According to statistics, child consumption accounts for 30% of urban household consumption expenditure. It is estimated that in the next five years, the annual growth rate of total child consumption is expected to exceed 20%. Looking at the domestic children's consumer market, there is currently no second large-scale children's industry company in China that can integrate IP communication, education, amusement, and food. This means that the potential competitors of Baby King have lost their opportunities. Up to now, Baby King has become the copyright holder and operator of multiple IPs including 'Small Column Under the Sea.

Take 'Small Columns under the Sea' as an example. As a well-known international IP, since its first broadcast on CCTV in 2014, it has been deeply loved by children in China. Its theme is 'Explore, Save, Protect' The IP spirit is also popular among parents. At present, the authorized products of 'Undersea Small Column' cover toys, stationery, publishing, education, finance and other fields. The products have also successfully entered KA and fashion chain channels such as TRU, Kidswant, MINISO, Wal-Mart, and Carrefour. These rapid physical applications have enabled Wanda Baby Wang Bang IP to quickly establish brand value and popularity, and deepen and accelerate the advancement of other business sectors of IP.

Continuous innovation, transformation and upgrade

For a long time, Wanda Baby King insists on continuous innovation, continuous transformation and upgrading, and has always stood at the forefront of the market. Since the advent of the first generation of parks, Wanda Baby King has continued to develop new versions every year, constantly innovating and upgrading, to provide you with a better service experience.

From the launch of the indoor children’s theme park, the creation of children’s amusement formats, and the rapid expansion of the market for children’s consumption, it has become the 'passenger flow engine' of the square; by 2017, the entire IP industry chain will be deployed and internationally renowned IP will be introduced The submarine small column quickly realizes the application of IP entities; launches the IP, early education business, and the parallel development of the three businesses of paradise, early education, and IP, creating a 'content + entity' model; in 2019, Wanda Baby King Group launched the second five-year strategy, Transform to 'Children's New Consumption' and build Wanda Children's Industry with 'Cultural Creation + Technology'.

At present, Wanda Baby King has formed an economic transformation model of authorized products and derivatives while structuring the consumption scene of 'paradise + early education center'. In the next step, Wanda Baby King will continue to implement the 'scene-based' , Ecological and platform-based' strategy, introduce more good and healthy high-quality IP content, cooperate with more brands to create a new consumption ecosystem for children, and build a new online and offline next-stop children's new consumption platform.

Adhering to the core concept of 'education through funThe combination has opened up the path to the economic transformation of IP fans. While increasing the stickiness of IP fans, it also maximized the commercial value of IP content. In the future, Wanda Baby King will join hands with more global high-quality partners to pay attention to the healthy, happy and scientific growth of children.

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