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Decisive battle on the top of the purple gold | this toy car can make 4-year-old children understand programming

by:Toysmax     2021-06-12

Nowadays, artificial intelligence has entered people's lives and is within reach, but the programming of artificial intelligence is still a strange and complicated existence that most people find.

Now, some people say that 4-year-old children can understand programming in 30 minutes, do you believe it?

'GOBOT' children's programming car

In March 2018, a children's programming car named 'GOBOT' won the 'Oscar in product design industry'. Known as the 2018IF Design Award.

The uniqueness of GOBOT is that it can integrate programming thinking and professional programming training, understand and use mathematics, to cultivate children's programming awareness and interest in a simple game.

'GOBOT does not teach children to write code and design software, but to let children understand programming thinking during the game.' Zhang Ansheng, general manager of Xiamen Shiwan Technology Co., Ltd. and founder of GOBOT children's programming car Further introduced. The car from the circle of friends

In 2015, Taiwanese youth Zhang Ansheng came to the mainland to start a business. By chance, he got the design inspiration of GOBOT from the circle of friends. 'I hit it off with three friends I met in the previous science and technology competition, and started the project on January 1, 2016.'

In order to test the market prospects of GOBOT, Zhang Ansheng first led the team to do it. A simple GOBOT car, in some parent-child activities, for children to try. The enthusiastic response gave them sufficient confidence.

Since then, Zhang Ansheng’s team has continuously upgraded and improved GOBOT, and developed and improved supporting courses. At present, GOBOT has been upgraded to the 4th generation and has pilot projects in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei and other places. Many schools and training institutions have submitted applications for trial use.

Leave space for thinking and enlightenment for children

Smart car

The main body of GOBOT includes There are three parts: smart car, console and instruction blocks. The smart car is the most important part of GOBOT and the main body of execution of programming instructions.


The console is used to send information to the car. There are 16 command slots on it, which can place command blocks, which is a bit similar to a remote control at home.

Command building blocks

Each building block has a different function

Command building blocks are colored small squares with built-in RFID antennas. Each building block has different functions, such as forwarding, turning, etc., how many steps the trolley travels, and how many turns can be sorted by the combination of building blocks, and then the console can realize precise control. Currently, GOBOT has more than 40 building blocks for children to experience and learn.

The process of using GOBOT is very simple: children can design the driving path of the car by themselves, and then put the different instruction blocks into the grid of the console according to a certain arrangement sequence, press the execute button, and the smart toy car It will start to act in the order of instructions.

In this process, programming ideas have actually been implied. Zhang Ansheng said: “When children play GOBOT, they not only strengthen their finger’s flexibility, but also stimulate brain development and understand programming during the game.” A variety of supporting maps

Meanwhile, Zhang Ansheng’s team A variety of maps are also provided. The map is used as a game or learning scene, which can enrich the game or teaching content and make the whole process more interesting and challenging. Each kind of map has different content and elements, which can realize a two-person or multi-player smart toy car game.

Zhang Ansheng said that GOBOT is not purely a smart toy for output, but leaves the space for thinking and enlightenment for children to create, 'We are curriculum-oriented, and the car is only the carrier of the curriculum. , Like a watercolor pen, you can draw all kinds of pictures.'

In addition, by inserting a pen in the GOBOT car, the function of drawing the path of the toy car can be realized. Car drawing can cultivate children's logic. For example, by ordering the placement of building blocks, the goal of drawing a triangle on the drawing can be achieved.

In Zhang Ansheng's view, this game process is actually a learning process, involving knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, statistics, and geometric planes.

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