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Cubs Neo's 3D globe opens a new perspective to explore the world

by:Toysmax     2021-06-06

How much do you know about the world? Know the geometry of China? The three-dimensional 3D globe of Bear Neo allows children to see your distant universe and solar system, witness the internal structure of the earth with naked eyes, reproduce the changes from ancient times to the modern world, and learn about animals and various transportation vehicles around the world.

Little Bear Neo 3D globe is a globe that uses AR surface recognition technology. In addition to AR stereo effects and intelligent interaction, it will also provide children with massive learning content. What are the basic functions of the Winnie Neo 3D globe? Let’s take a look:

Basic functions of AR globe:

1. 9 planets in the solar system can be observed in space;

2. Time can go back to ancient times to observe the ancient earth’s landscape;

3. The plane can observe ground animals, traffic, etc.;

4. Introduction of national content and characteristics;

5. The internal structure of the earth can see the internal structure of the earth's strata, magma, etc.

The three-dimensional 3D globe of Bear Neo can also download APP software to learn more about learning content, such as the globe, personal location, and weather will continue to update more functions.

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