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Cubs Neo Educational Toys: The world's first AR globe is on hot pre-sale

by:Toysmax     2021-06-06

A big event happened on July 24: the world's first AR globe was popular for pre-sale! ! ! This product series is developed by our Little Bear Neo toy brand. When our products are advertised on the Internet, many friends have already called for consultation. In order to better let everyone know about this product, our global baby and child network will use a news article to introduce to the majority of distributors and consumers: the world's first AR globe.

The world’s first AR globe is a brand new children’s educational product launched by our Little Bear Neo after augmented realization (AR) technology. We have adopted the world’s leading area of u200bu200bthe earth Recognition and tracking technology and 3D rendering technology allow children to feel every corner of the earth more intuitively and three-dimensionally.

In enlightenment education, we generally use brighter colors to attract children's attention. Our AR globe picture cartoon is full of childlike fun and can arouse children's curiosity very well. Let them understand the earth and grasp the distribution of the earth’s countries while playing.

Our globe can still speak! Real human language, all-round multi-sensory interactive learning, promote the growth of children's mental development. We are now in the pre-sale period, and interested parents can wait for our full listing to buy as soon as possible.

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