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Conditions permit, it is recommended to buy these kinds of toys for children, stay away from mobile phones and computers, exercise hand and brain flexibility

by:Toysmax     2021-05-06

Some inferior plush toys on the market are cheap to make, and even some products don’t even have a logo or instructions for use. Parents must choose carefully. Many metal toys are too hard and have sharp edges. If you are not careful, you can easily scratch your baby's delicate skin. In addition, most of the metal surfaces are sprayed with paint or glaze, and some contain lead, which can cause great harm to the baby. With the development of the economy, many people have bought a car, especially some car owners with good taste, in the process of long-distance self-driving, they will choose some toys to put in their car. Make your car not only warm, but even in the car, you can still have fun. It can make the environment in the car look like a home, at the same time it can better reflect the atmosphere of the car, and also reflect the personality and aesthetics of the owner. There are not many toys, as long as they are easy to use and fun.

Graffiti painting is the first element of childhood development. With it, mobile phones have been thrown aside. Children like to paint and paint at home. There are also art classes in kindergartens. Many children like to take art classes, so a good set of art pens is very important.

A special gift, simple and easy to use, unlimited space, reminder lights, it can also let the smart Ukulele help You get rid of fatigue and innovate cat shape design. Train children's attention and coordination skills to make children puzzle in happy play and improve the speed of brain response

A suitable for players of different ages Yile games, let the baby do it by himself, can effectively promote the coordinated development of the child's hand, brain and eye. DIY inserting mushroom nails on the magic plate of ever-changing wisdom, allowing children to stitch together beautiful and interesting patterns by themselves. It can also cultivate children’s thinking space abilities.

This type of early childhood education robot is almost a must for every child. Listen to stories and music. It is very convenient, safe and environmentally friendly. Rich role modeling further stimulates children’s interest in role-playing and creative assembling

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