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Cold thinking under the toy IP boom Parallel tracks continue to emerge, and IP is no longer a 'toy seedling'

by:Toysmax     2021-05-12

Throughout the whole year of 2018 and the first half of 2019, the sales of toys are mainly concentrated in two aspects. One is the licensed toys under major domestic and foreign brands. In terms of market performance, this type of toys occupies an important The market share is also more durable. Second, all kinds of explosive toys have begun to emerge. With the new generation of independent consumption ability getting higher and higher, toy consumption is no longer confined to family places. A toy category that does not rely on big brands or high-tech thresholds has unexpectedly opened up a brand new track.

In the comparison of Chinese and foreign toy companies, the blessing of super IP is indeed a huge advantage. If you want to establish a long-term foothold in the toy industry, it is inevitable to create an IP with its own characteristics. Decades of market inspections have also proved that the longer the settling time of IP, the easier it is for enterprises to make efforts in the latter half of the process, and even rely on IP to survive the crisis of the entire industry.

Time and economic costs are prohibitive for small and medium-sized enterprises

If you want to develop IP, you must face a long period of time. From initial conceptual planning to mid-term design finalization, and finally a series of processes such as dissemination and realization, brand owners need to have enough patience. This time may be one or two years, three to five years, or even ten years. Now that the market is undergoing rapid changes, it is conceivable that it is difficult to “prescribe the right medicine” for IP at any time. And it is very important that in the process of IP building, any mistake in any link may ruin one's great future. The decline of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is a good example of domestic IP. In the case of a smash hit, this animation has maintained its relatively low content method, and finally faded out of people's attention under the two-way blow of policy and the market.

Behind the long cycle must be the continuous increase of invested capital. For small and medium-sized toy companies, the limitation of trial and error costs makes it more difficult for them to accurately grasp the pain points of consumers. The idea of u200bu200b“playing the long line and catching the big fish” can only prevent these companies from developing benignly in market competition. In the end, Can't live. For enterprises, it is good to have IP awareness, and it should be in line with the development of market demand, but blindly creating IP is not a wise approach. Macro-level layout and financial support are indispensable for IP. But behind the super IP, there must be more complex business operations and richer content value.

Parallel racetracks continue to emerge, and IP is no longer a 'toy seedling'

But IP is not a single-plank bridge leading to success in the toy industry. It is a popular toy The idea may be more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. The spread of online media in this era is staggering, and it has also become one of the best springboards for businesses to face consumers. The ability of short video platforms and e-commerce platforms to carry goods can make toys with high-quality additional content become hot models. Such hot toys put aside the barriers of authorization and technology, focus on gameplay and appearance, and can evoke to the greatest extent The purchase impulse of netizens has resulted in short-term profitability.

But the disadvantage of making explosive toys is that the life cycle of each product is very short. High-density creation of Internet celebrity toys has become the most direct long-term profit method. At this time, the contradiction lies in good content. Ideas are unavoidable. Therefore, under the general situation, you can try to make explosive toys, but don't get caught in it.

On the other hand, the accelerated development of technology has also allowed toys to enter a more professional field. Instead of using IP as the underlying logic of toys, technology support is instead the core content of smart toys. The benchmarking standard between enterprises is no longer the precipitation of time, which gives new players more opportunities for fair competition. But similar challenges also exist. In the circle of smart toys, many players are not transformed from the traditional toy industry, but more are practitioners in other fields who want to expand their scope of expertise. If they can cut leeks, they will cut leeks. , This type of player has very little understanding of the toy industry and is easy to make mistakes.

Whether it is an explosive toy or a smart toy, since it is abandoning the competition between the time dimension and the brand dimension, it must have sufficient advantages in other dimensions to survive. This is also a challenge for IP toys. In the future, there will be more dimensional categories. Whether the advantage of the IP boom in a short period of time can continue for a long time is still undecided, but the 'dominant family' pattern will follow. Time has changed.

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