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Choose toys, pay attention to three important points

by:Toysmax     2021-05-14
Key points 1 Age-appropriate, teach students in accordance with their aptitude Parents can choose according to the recommended age on the toy package and the child's physical and mental development speed, and buy toys that are suitable for the baby's age. Age-appropriate toys will be designed according to the child’s age and physical and mental development. Not only do safety checks first, but also the intelligence is not too simple or difficult, and will not make children lose interest in toys or cause frustration. On the other hand, children can also enjoy the sense of accomplishment that can be manipulated freely, and build self-confidence from it. Key point 2 Safety first. In order to prevent toys from becoming children’s invisible killers, parents should check whether there is a safety toy mark on the package when buying. The main ingredients and materials, applicable age, usage method, warning labels and other precautions should be clearly marked on the top, as well as the manufacturer. The name, address, phone number and other related information of. When choosing toys, try to avoid falling parts and small parts, so as not to put them in the mouth, nose or ears, causing the risk of ingestion or suffocation. In addition, pay attention to the quality of toy materials and ingredients to avoid buying inferior products. Toys, so as not to cause baby allergies and poisoning. Key 3 Reasonable price. Three chapters of the covenant Faced with a dazzling array of toys, how do you choose to meet your baby's play needs and meet your own economic situation? In fact, toys are only a medium to help the baby grow up. Therefore, parents should choose suitable toys according to the baby's physical and mental development, rather than expensive toys, and more importantly, the company and participation of parents! Therefore, before going to the toy store, you can pay attention to whether there are special offers and discounted products. You don’t have to buy the latest toys of the season. If your child wants to buy a lot of toys every time he goes out, he should make an appointment with him for three chapters before setting out, indicating that he can only choose A favorite toy does not allow children to develop the bad habit of liking the new and disgusting the old or being greedy.
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