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Children's toys Will you pick?

by:Toysmax     2021-05-19
When purchasing toys for children, parents should pay attention to check the toy listing, whether the manufacturer, applicable age group, safety warnings, maintenance methods, product qualification certificates, etc. are indicated. When choosing domestic toys, don't forget to check whether the words 'GB' and the 3C certification mark are printed. If it is an imported toy, it must be checked whether it has the 3C certification mark and the China inspection and quarantine mark.   Child health care doctor said that in outpatient clinics, many children often have accidents because of improper use of toys. When choosing toys for their children, parents should focus on the safety and age-appropriateness of the toys. Because children are weak in awareness of danger, if boys under 6 play with ejection toys such as water guns, it is easy to injure their eyes and body, while children under 3 should stay away from toys with heavy colors. Dr.    said that babies of different ages need different stimulations, and the toys selected must also meet their different needs. Parents should not buy toys for their babies that are too advanced or outdated for their age. Too advanced, the baby can easily get frustrated if he can't play. Too outdated will not satisfy the baby's curiosity.
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