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Children's toys need innovation to better seize market opportunities

by:Toysmax     2021-05-18

Last Tuesday, at the invitation of Professor Jin Guifang from Tianjin University of Science and Technology, the author gave two lectures on innovative toy design in the morning at the School of Art and the afternoon at the School of Technical Engineering. The author gave two lectures on 'China’s toy industry’s demand for innovative toy design' And 'How should toy innovation design be done?' shared.

In the Chinese design market, there are already many freelance designers who do graphic design, some of them do illustration design, they have a lot of work, and the great god-level people don’t have to worry about it. Work. Now, those who do product design and toy design can't support themselves unless they join the company. Is there a future for those who do toy design?

The market determines demand. Advertising, corporate image, cartoons, e-commerce pages, etc. all require a lot of graphic design, but the market has very little demand for toy design. Most Chinese toy companies still There are still too few models that rely on processing for foreign companies to make money, and rely on innovative products to drive business development. There are two main reasons for the status quo of the Chinese toy market: First, the concept of parenting of Chinese adults is still too backward, only when parents recognize children The door to the toy market is really opened when playing with the game. Second, most Chinese toy companies do not understand the toy consumer market. The toy market has never repelled small companies because innovative toys will be welcomed by the market.

This time, Professor Jin also discussed the countermeasures. We all believe that there should be a third-party platform to connect companies and designers and promote the formation of an innovative toy consumer market. This platform can help enterprises to innovate and upgrade, and explore their toy innovation and design needs; this platform can gather experts from all aspects to guide colleges and designers, so that toy innovation and design can truly meet the needs of the market and enterprises; this platform can also Promote toy culture and effectively guide consumers: Toys are not only children's entertainment, but also a game education tool for children's healthy growth.

For the question of 'how to do innovative toy designIn-depth understanding of existing toys is the basis for us to do a good job in toy innovation design, especially we should understand toy products in foreign toy markets. More than half of toys in European and American countries cannot be bought in the Chinese market. Therefore, it is not enough to learn about toys from the 'universal' Taobao. Innovative design based on the original toy product concept is the correct way to open the innovative design of toys. In fact, the basic functions of many classic toys have not changed in 100 years. What designers need to do is to use new technologies, new materials and new crafts to upgrade and integrate the original toys through new artistic expressions. Take the Yo-Yo toy as an example, it has now developed to the fifth generation.

2. Must be proficient in using design software. A good toy designer can use the software to 'think of drawing'. There is no other shortcut to practicing such basic skills, only more can be done. New toy designers must not use the energy of learning in toy creativity. They always want to design a toy that others have not thought of. This is often a very unreliable idea. They can design other people’s creativity at the beginning, or in the present. A new appearance is designed on the basis of toys, and new functions are added, which is already very good.

3. A good toy designer should understand the structure. In the creative design of toys, the function of the toy is generally thought of. The designer should design according to the function when making the appearance design. Because the novice toy designer does not understand the structure, they often fail to think of the function or appearance in the creative design of the toy. The design of the function is not in place when designing, and often encounter such embarrassing situations, and the designed toy can't make a product.

Before the lecture, Professor Wang Xinting from the School of Mechanical Engineering told me: Many students lack confidence in the design profession they have learned. I said this to my classmates: The excellent toy designers I have come into contact with, like you, are all studying industrial design. Some of them have poor hand-painting skills, but this does not affect their innovative design of great toys. Excellent designers are all There are two common characteristics: one is the love of design, passion is the source of motivation to make oneself an excellent designer; the other is the in-depth research on industry products, and only by becoming a product expert can you have good innovative designs.

The Chinese toy market is still immature. Action now is an opportunity. Those who can succeed in the future must be players that look for the right direction and act actively now.

The toy design market in China is still very small. It is a good moment for our designers to accumulate through learning and practice. The chance of success in the future must be reserved for designers who are ready now.

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