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Children’s toys look for the “3C” mark and master the four principles of “seeing, touching, smelling and rubbing”

by:Toysmax     2021-06-14

On December 7, the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision issued a report on children’s toys, textbooks for elementary and middle school students, solvent-based coatings, motor vehicle engine coolants, wallpapers, car brake linings, threshers, and wet wipes that may endanger the human body. The results of risk monitoring of health and personal and property safety products, and warnings of possible safety risks.

Children's toys (plush, plastic):

Look for the '3C' logo

China is the world's largest toy producer, but it is OEM The processing-oriented production structure makes the overall quality of China's toys low. Some companies still lack attention in toy performance, production and packaging. Products have problems such as small parts, sharp edges, sharp corners, and warning slogans that do not meet specifications. , Small parts of unqualified products are scattered or broken after reasonable abuse, which can easily cause children to swallow or scratch their bodies, thereby harming children's physical and mental health.

For this reason, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau organized risk monitoring on 40 batches of children's toys distributed in the market. 27 batches met the requirements of the safety project indicators and 13 batches did not meet the requirements of the project indicators. , The project index compliance rate is 67.5%. The monitoring results showed that 35% of the products sampled were not marked with the company name, 37.5% were not marked with the company address, and 32.5% were not marked with any markings, which were classified as three-no products. Most of the above products were products sold in night markets or bazaars. .

The Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau reminds consumers that when buying children’s toys, try to buy children’s toys at regular shopping malls and supermarkets, and look for the '3C' certification mark.

Student textbooks:

Pay attention to the weight and size.

The Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau organized risk monitoring on student textbooks and collected 50 sets of samples. Focus on monitoring the influence of the quantitative value of paper on the weight of students' textbooks. The monitoring results show that the paper quantitative value of teaching textbooks in the province is generally high, and 90% of the teaching textbooks have a quantitative value of more than 70-110g/㎡; most of the junior and high school auxiliary textbooks have the problem of a large number of single papers and large open books; middle school students are main courses (Chinese, English, mathematics) and other teaching textbooks, there are common problems with high quantitative value, large number of pages, and high single weight. Some textbooks weigh more than 400g/book.

For this reason, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau reminds students and parents to consider their weight and size when choosing textbooks and learning materials, choose lighter and thinner paper, and try not to put them in schoolbags. Load too many supplementary homework or additional workbooks to reduce the weight of the school bag.

Wet wipes products:

Pay attention to the outer packaging and sensory properties

40 batches distributed by the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau for the circulation field The microbiological items in the sanitary performance of wet wipes have been monitored for risk. From the monitoring results, the quality of wet wipes in our province is relatively good, and the project indicators meet 95%. There are 2 batches of wet wipes that exceed the maximum limit of bacterial colonies.

The Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau reminds consumers that when buying wet wipes, they should pay attention to buying wet wipes with complete packaging marks. Choose soft and light taste, no irritating smell, and soft texture, which is not easy to use Raised products.

Solvent-based coatings:

Low VOC products are safer

VOC is a volatile organic compound, which has a huge impact on human health. The Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau organized relevant quality inspection agencies to conduct risk monitoring on the 'VOC' content project indicators of 50 batches of solvent-based coating products in 7 cities and prefectures of Lanzhou, Tianshui, Baiyin, Qingyang, Dingxi, Wuwei, and Zhangye. As a result, there are 40 batches of products that do not meet the requirement of 420 g/liter (inclusive), and the compliance rate of project indicators is only 20%. The VOC content of many products exceeds the tax indicator requirements.

The Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau reminds consumers to choose low-VOC products as much as possible when purchasing and using solvent-based coatings.

Engine coolant:

The signs must be complete and used properly

This time, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau organized risk monitoring for engine coolant products, which involved The monitoring items of 51 batches of coolant products produced and distributed in the province are indicators of chlorine content, sulfate content, and nitrite content that are likely to cause quality accidents and harm the environment and human health.

The Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau reminds you to pay attention to the following points when purchasing and using engine coolant. Choose to use coolant products with a freezing point that is about 10℃ lower than the minimum temperature in the area where the vehicle is operating; go to a regular sales store To purchase, choose coolant products with complete product marks, and ask for an invoice; you should choose coolant products that have no peculiar smell, and do not choose too cheap coolant; when diluting the coolant concentrate, you should use deionized water, distilled water or purified water; Coolants of different brands and different formulations cannot be mixed. When additional coolant is required, products of the same brand and freezing point should be used strictly.

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