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Children's toys contain toxic gas, so be careful when choosing toys

by:Toysmax     2021-06-14

Now a kind of children's toy called 'Smelly Fart' is very popular on campus, but this toy has a lot of safety risks. The gas in it is highly toxic, so you need to be careful when buying it. .

In an elementary school in Taihe County, Anhui Province, students played with a tricky toy called 'Fart BombThe hospital initially diagnosed gas poisoning.

The actual test of the bear kid’s new tricky toy 'Fart Bomb': Don’t touch it

Recently, in an elementary school in Taihe County, Anhui, The students played with a tricky toy called 'Fart Bomb,' but they were dizzy. The hospital initially diagnosed gas poisoning.

The actual test of Xiongzi’s tricky new toy 'Ass Bomb': Don’t touch it.

What is the Ass Bomb? The price of 'Fart Bombs' bought online is only a dime over a pack, and the sales volume is large. It looks like a seasoning bag in instant noodles. It is very simple to use, just press hard. With a loud noise, the stench fluttered in the wind.

However, the packaging is all in English, which is obviously a three-no product. In order to verify the lethality of this 'cocky bombIs it poisoned?

They prepared a big box with a few small holes in it, which is a relatively closed environment. Then put 2 mice in it. Before the experiment, the two guinea pigs were still very active, but after the two stinky bombs were dropped in, the two guinea pigs instantly became stupid. When the mice were taken out and put in a ventilated place, they became alive and kicking again.

In order to find out what the 'cocky bomb' is, the team tested and analyzed it at the School of Chemistry and Materials, Zhejiang University of Technology, and found that it contained hydrogen sulfide.

It is understood that hydrogen sulfide has the smell of rotten eggs at low concentrations and is highly toxic. Comparing with the 'Contrast Table of Hydrogen Sulfide Concentration and Harm to Human BodyIn such a closed environment just now, a pack of 'cocky bombs' can reach 51ppm.

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