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Children's toys are popular before the Spring Festival, and educational toys are attracting high attention

by:Toysmax     2021-05-18

In another week, Yiwu International Trade City and other markets will usher in the Spring Festival holiday period of about 20 days. Recently, many types of products on the market are booming, and many customers choose to prepare New Year gifts for their children before the holiday. Toy products have become a highlight. The reporter learned that in addition to remote control toys, educational toys before the holiday this year are also very popular.

Children’s toys are popular before the Spring Festival

'I’m going home soon for the New Year, prepare some gifts for my children.' Two days ago, I went to work in a freight company in Yiwu. Master Wu, who took advantage of the opportunity to solicit goods from the market, came to the toy zone in District 1 of Yiwu International Trade City and chose a remote-controlled car for his 4-year-old son at home.

Master Wu's hometown is in Leping, Jiangxi. The couple have worked in Yiwu for many years. He said that compared with previous years, the income in 2015 was slightly lower. But he and his wife are out of town all year round, so they have to buy some New Year gifts for their son.

'Retail business is better than wholesale. Most customers buy to give gifts.' A plush toy merchant in District 1 of Yiwu International Trade City said that the pre-holiday market has entered the peak period of toy retail, and customers come from Workers in the industrial areas around the market also have their counterparts in other industries...In terms of wholesale, the toy business is mostly based on peripheral replenishment.

Some 'uncles and aunts' born in the 80s and 90s said that it is customary to prepare New Year gifts for the juniors at home. If you don't give anything during the holidays, it's hard to be an 'uncle or aunt'.

Educational toys have a high degree of attention

Among the various toy products in the first district of the International Trade City, remote-controlled airplanes and remote-controlled cars are undoubtedly the most popular. Soaring.

However, the reporter learned that, in addition to the popular remote-controlled aircraft as always, some educational and interactive toys have also attracted more attention this year.

'I bought stickers for my niece, adults and children can post them together.' Citizen Xiaoliu has a 5-year-old niece who loves to paint. Two days ago, he bought three stickers for his sister's daughter. The niece can complete a set of clip art according to the instructions under the guidance of the adult.

It is reported that educational and interactive toys are also very popular on major e-commerce platforms. According to statistics from the 'Chinese and Foreign Toy Manufacturing' magazine, in December 2015, Beefleet, Fisher and other products with strong teaching purposes or integrated with music characteristics were on the best-selling list of JD’s e-commerce platform; Masonry products have become the mainstream of the current list; conventional building block toys and musical instrument toys have become popular items on


The sales of many types of toy products are good.

The overall sales of the educational toy industry have remained stable recently. Domestic sales: the winter holidays are coming, and traditional puzzles, writing boards, DIY educational toys and other products are selling well; the high-end story machine sales and retail are both booming, and the market outlook is promising. In terms of export: building blocks and other traditional educational toys are mainly sold in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other places, and sales are stable.

In addition, the electronics and electric toy industries have recently become more popular. Domestic sales: With the increasing number of replenishment and return orders by regular customers at the end of the year, traditional electric toys such as remote-controlled aircraft and remote-controlled robots have become the main sales force of the industry, and the transaction is gratifying. In terms of export, pre-holiday replenishment has become the mainstream in the market. Remote control, flashing electronic and electric toys sell well in the Middle East, Africa, South America and other places, and the sales are stable.

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