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Children's toy water guns are powerful and easy to get injured. Parents need to be cautious when buying

by:Toysmax     2021-05-18

Water gun is a kind of children's toy that is emerging now. Because toys are very interesting, they are especially popular with children. Even some adults can't resist the temptation to buy home and eagerly try. But the water bullet gun is very powerful, if you accidentally shoot someone, it is very easy to cause others to be injured. There is a child below who was injured in the eye by this water bullet gun.

(The picture comes from the Internet)

After Hanhan was examined at the Third City Hospital, the doctor diagnosed that the eye membrane was abraded and slightly swollen. There was no professional equipment in the emergency department. The doctor suggested that Hanhan go home and rest for three days and then check again.

In the past few days, Hanhan has been recuperating at home, following the doctor’s instructions to use less eyes, not watching TV or reading books. Mr. Wu said yesterday that three days have passed, and his daughter’s eyes are still a little red and swollen. He is also worried now that even if the eyes are not serious, the psychological shadow it will cause to his daughter is not small.

Mr. Wu hopes that through this incident, more parents will pay enough attention to the water gun that children often play with.

Mr. Wu said that it was a simulation toy water bomb spear that wounded Hanhan’s eyes. The little boy also accidentally lost this gun. He borrowed this gun from other children to play with. He thought there was none. The bullet fired a random shot at the surrounding children, accidentally hurting Han Han. At that time, the boy was two or three meters away from Han Han.

There are a lot of guns that can be searched casually in the online store, and the price ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan according to the strength of the function. Some top-ranked water bullet gun online stores have monthly sales of more than 1,000 pieces.

There is a priced at nearly 200 yuan, equipped with 20,000 to 50,000 bullets and brackets, straps and protective glasses, known as 'the strongest parent-child interactive toyCan shoot four shots'.

This kind of gun is also owned by the reporter's 5-year-old son. Before each play, you must soak the bullets in water to 'drink full water'. The volume will expand several times. The water bullets will be scattered automatically when you hit an object. However, to prevent injury, the reporter never asked the children to bring it out At home, he can only 'fire' at the wall or kitchen door at home.

The material of this kind of water bomb is described by the seller as 'water-absorbing resin, which is a new type of functional polymer material. It is a kind of The outflow of synthetic resin has a maximum water absorption rate of more than 1000%.'

Parents should consider the safety of toys when buying toys for their children. At the same time, they should also educate their children to hold toys such as swords and guns. Do not face others at times to avoid accidents.

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