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Children of all ages, educational toys are very different

by:Toysmax     2021-06-12

In fact, in addition to early education classes, parents can also use some educational toys to cultivate children's intellectual development based on the baby's playful nature. In terms of the choice of toys, every child of different ages has a toy that matches his age. Only by choosing the most appropriate toy for the baby can it give full play to its effect.

Toys for babies before 3 years old

For babies under 3 years old, the development of intelligence is still in a very basic period of time. They have not yet been able to get a very comprehensive understanding of one thing. At this time, parents should pay attention to choosing simplistic toys.

Baby in this period is suitable for playing with educational toy soft blocks, which can stimulate the child's imagination, and at the same time cultivate the child's good habit of thinking diligently, enhance the baby's hands-on ability, and promote the child's intellectual development.

Children of any age will have a more acute response to sounds. Grasping this, parents can cultivate their children's musical talents from an early age, so that the children's artistic cells can be effectively developed.

Baby under 3 years old is suitable for playing toys with music. Children know the world from the sound, which also helps the development of children's language ability.

Drawing tools for babies over 3 years old

Although parents can let their children start drawing as long as they can afford a pen, but at the age of 3 In the past, most children were in the stage of aimless graffiti. In fact, parents did not need to buy a special set of drawing tools for their children. When children are 3 years old, parents can really cultivate their children's drawing talent.

Painting can cultivate children’s EQ and IQ, and at the same time express children’s emotions through drawing. Children carefully observe the dots in life and draw them on the drawing paper. More use of the right hand is one of the ways to exercise children's left brain development and improve their intelligence.

Toys for children over seven years old

Most of the children over seven years old are already in the preschool stage, have their own knowledge of general things, and can be used in most In the case of independent completion of some things. Parents of children at this stage can arrange some more difficult toys for their children to play with.

At this time, children can play puzzles. A complete picture, divided into pieces, can exercise the child's logical analysis and three-dimensional thinking. In the future, he will deal with problems rigorously and think more thoroughly.

A variety of educational toys, cultivate children's intellectual development at different stages.

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