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Carefully pick newborn toys 4 points to keep in mind

by:Toysmax     2021-06-04

When parents go to the toy area to buy toys for their babies, it’s not difficult to find that the toys on the shelves are dazzling. There are countless beautiful and fun toys. They don’t know which one is better and which one to buy. I really want to give all the toys on the shelf. The baby buys it home. Parents’ love of children is understandable, but don’t buy baby toys blindly. It's not that adults think that the baby will like the toys that the baby likes. If the baby is just born, it must be tailor-made earlier and choose toys that are suitable for the baby to play with.

Four factors should be paid attention to when choosing toys for newborn babies:

1. The color of toys should be bright

Adults are choosing baby toys People tend to choose bright colors, and the selection of toys for newborn babies is no exception. You can buy black and white cards for your baby in the first month to stimulate your baby’s optic nerve and help your baby’s vision development. In the future, you can choose red, green, yellow and other colorful toys for your baby. This kind of big red and big green is the color that the baby initially recognizes, because the baby is young and the optic nerve is not fully developed, so it can only be seen and distinguished. These colors. Parents choose brightly colored bed bells and palm-sized plush toys are good choices and will be loved by babies.

2. The shape of the toy must be distinctive

When parents buy baby toys, the surface of the toy should have a specific texture. The baby often Touching these textures will make the baby feel different sensations, and over time will promote the baby's brain development and stimulate the baby's curiosity to explore. It can be a plush toy or plastic toy, etc. Newborn baby toys must be more distinctive in shape. In the early stage, you can choose regular shapes such as circles and cubes for your babies to play, so that they can learn about the world from simple shapes, and then slowly choose polygonal and irregularly shaped toys.

3. Toys should be as contrastive as possible.

Newborn baby toys are best to be contrastive. The contrast in color or shape will give The baby's vision and touch bring freshness, which is very helpful to the development of the baby's nerves. For example, parents can put a black card with a small butterfly in front of the baby's eyes, and then put the plush toy of the small butterfly in front of the baby's eyes after a while, and let the baby touch it with his hands to perceive it. The strong contrast effect will stimulate the baby The brain nerves are conducive to the baby’s development.

4. Toys that can make sounds are the best

Parents are best to buy toys that can make sounds for their newborns. The newborn’s hearing has not been developed. Completely, parents try to buy toys that can produce different sounds or music for the baby. The baby is not only happy when listening to it, but also helps the development of hearing; in addition, often play cheerful music to the baby, and the baby will be positive and optimistic when he grows up. Upward attitude. Parents can buy toys that can sing, rattles, drums, etc. for their babies. I believe newborn babies will like them very much.

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