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Can toys cause precocious puberty in children? What do you think

by:Toysmax     2021-06-01

The first two days were Halloween, so in the toy market, all kinds of ghost masks were extremely popular. Many parents also selected some masks for their children and had a 'exciting' Halloween. However, while enjoying the 'excitementSome experts pointed out that inferior masks are likely to lead to precocious puberty...

There are too many inferior products on the market, and children’s safety is worrying

Now on the market, There are many stores selling masks, but most of these masks are three-no products. When they are worn, they are different in size. Once they are worn incorrectly, they may block the line of sight; in addition, because the mouth and nose have small openings, they will be worn for a long time. Asthma.

Professional skin doctors said that human facial skin is more sensitive, and young children are more delicate and tender. If the mask contains toxic substances, it is not good for the child's health. The quality of Sanwu products is not guaranteed, so if you buy this kind of mask casually, your child's health is worrying.

With this concern, some people have tested this mask and found that among these three-no products, phthalates are seriously exceeding the standard. Phthalates are toxic and volatile substances. If ingested by minors, it may affect the health of the kidneys. In severe cases, precocious puberty may occur.

So if the quality of the mask is not determined, don't wear it to the child. In addition, most of the Halloween masks are ghosts, which are very scary, so I do not recommend buying such toys for children. Adults should not scare children with masks, so as to prevent children from being scared.

Besides masks, these toys also need to be careful!

1. Wooden toys

We all know that the surface of solid wood furniture needs to be painted in order to prevent moths and other purposes. The surface of the same wooden toys will also be painted. And if it is a low-quality wooden toy, the paint and coating on the surface may be decolored, because the paint and coating contain heavy metals, pigments, organic solvents and other toxic substances, which are not good for children's health.

2. Plush toys

If it is a low-quality plush toy, problems such as black core cotton and hair loss may occur; black core cotton affects health, and hair loss may occur Problems such as being inhaled by the baby and causing asthma. In addition, some soft toys have small detachable parts, which are easy to be swallowed by children. In addition, small textile accessories may also exceed the standard of formaldehyde, and the baby may be exposed to cancer for a long time.

3. Printed toys

The so-called printed toys include puzzles, books and so on. Some illegal vendors, in order to save costs, will use some unqualified printing materials, resulting in a serious excess of xylene and ethylbenzene products. When the baby is playing, these harmful gases will enter the body through breathing or skin, causing certain damage to the liver and kidneys, especially benzene substances. Excessive inhalation may even cause cancer.

If you want your baby to be safe, please choose toys carefully!

1. Go to a regular place to buy

When buying toys for your baby, be sure to go to a regular place to buy, and look at the trademark of the toy when buying. See if it has passed the safety qualification test. Although some toys in bazaars or wholesale outlets are cheaper, most of them are produced by small private enterprises. Because they have not been tested for safety, the quality is worrying.

2. Pay attention to the material of the toy

When the baby is playing with the toy, it is likely to put it in the mouth, so be sure to carefully check the toy's production when buying Materials, and ensure that they are purchased by regular manufacturers, such as crayons, crayons, etc.

3. Smell the smell and look at the color

When buying toys for your baby, you should open the package and take a look and smell it. If there is a pungent temperature or too bright Color, then avoid buying. In addition, if the color of the toy is blurred and the boundaries are not clear, then don't buy it. In addition, rub the surface of the toy with your hand. If there is discoloration, then don't buy it.

4. New toys should be aired more.

After buying new toys, they should be placed in an outdoor ventilated place for a period of time, which can effectively reduce the odor; If there is a strange smell, then don't play with the children. In addition, children's toys should be cleaned and disinfected frequently, because they always like to put toys in their mouths.

Baby playing with toys, beware of accidental ingestion!

In addition to being toxic, some toys may also be ingested by mistake. So when buying toys, choose toys with fewer parts, such as the small eyes of plush toys, the small buttons on Barbie dolls, and so on.

It is found that the child has swallowed some parts of the toy by mistake. Do not pour the child with water in an attempt to let the water wash down. Doing so may promote peristalsis and aggravate the injury. At this time, the best way is to send to the hospital immediately without delay for a minute, and some first aid can be done during the hospitalization.

First aid method: The child lies on the adult’s lap, rubs the palm of the adult, pats the child’s back, squeezes the abdomen, and lets him cough and spit out foreign objects. Be careful not to panic at this time, for fear of hitting the child indiscriminately will cause more serious injuries.

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