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Can a three-month-old baby play with a tumbler toy? What kind of one is suitable?

by:Toysmax     2021-06-18

Can a 3-month-old baby play with a tumbler toy and what kind of one is suitable

The 3-month-old baby is in the stage of 'early education and development' and begins to know how to touch the things in front of him, and the colors are rich and cute The tumbler can attract your baby's attention, and will actively reach out to grasp it and try to touch it.

After 6 months of age, babies can attract babies to crawl, sit and stand and other movement skills, laying a solid foundation for future crawling, walking, running, jumping and other big movements. The safe and comfortable gutta-percha can care for the baby's delicate mouth by rubbing the gums, relieve the pain of teething, and facilitate subsequent teething.

Bailekang baby bite tumbler toy: silicone material, soft to the touch, allowing babies to bite at ease, and moms more at ease! Every detail has been finely polished, 360-degree smooth and no burrs, to ensure that it will not harm your baby's skin; the lonely round is specially designed for the baby's small hands, which is convenient for the baby to grasp and play.

Shaking sounds, bringing clear and delicate ringtones to your baby. Every time you utter a sound, you seem to touch your baby’s heart; artistic color matching, cute appearance, in line with the baby’s visual aesthetics, Inspire your baby's color perception. Q cute and cute expressions make your baby more in love with it!

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