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Business opportunities in the three major children's toy consumer markets can be deeply explored, and creative toys are more popular

by:Toysmax     2021-05-21

Children's toys sell new ideas. This requires designers to constantly innovate and design more creative toys. The business opportunities in the children's toy market are also limitless.

Under the '4+2+1' family structure, Chinese families seem to be particularly 'easy' in spending on children's toys. The proportion of children's consumption expenditure in total household expenditure in my country is constantly increasing. The per capita expenditure on toys for urban children is 35 yuan, and toys have become a new revenue-generating profit point in the children's consumer market. In addition, with the increasing demand for leisure and entertainment, toys are no longer exclusive products for children. More and more young people are joining the toy buying army. The three major toy consumer markets, theme toy stores, toy DIY stores, and toy rental stores, can be explored in depth.

Nowadays, all kinds of toys at home and abroad are dazzling, and there are so many kinds of toys. In some schools and communities, educational toys, creative toys, funny toys, animation toys and other gadgets are also available. popular.

For the excavation of business opportunities in the toy market, industry insiders have made three analyses:

First, themed toy store

The so-called theme toy store refers to Some related derivative physical toys such as movies, animations, and games. Because the theme toys are creative, wide-ranging, exquisite in shape, and closely related to movies, animation, and games, the virtual world has a realistic version, which will attract the interest of players and enthusiasts from all walks of life, and it has gradually become the most fashionable trend nowadays.

Second, toy DIY shop

The toys made by oneself, from material selection, planning, trial production, modification, and finally a personalized toy product. Not only is it meaningful, but for many children, it can promote their hands-on ability, which is far more meaningful than buying a toy.

3. Toy rental shops

Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of children's toys, and their prices are getting higher and higher. Children have the characteristics of loving the new and disgusting the old, many of which are expensive Toys are thrown aside after playing for a few days. Too many toys take up a lot of space in the family. It is a pity to throw them away at will. This gives parents a headache. In response to this market demand, toy rental shops came into being, mainly renting toy goods to customers and earning rent from them to obtain profits.

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