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Blurred online and offline concepts in the toy market, new channels continue to breed

by:Toysmax     2021-05-11

One month before the Children’s Day can be said to be the best time to choose gifts for children. At present, parents born after the 85s and 90s have become the main consumers in the maternal and child industry, with their educational level and With the improvement of economic ability, Bao Ma Bao Dads hope that their children will spend a refined and educational childhood. Therefore, there are obvious changes in clothing and travel, as well as in diet. This change is also reflected in the choice of toys.

Educational toys are more favored by parents

On the one hand, parents do not want electronic screens to take up too much entertainment time for children, on the other hand, they hope that physical toys can bring More educational added value. Therefore, parents have a consistent preference for more toys.

In recent years, the 'childlike heart' group of older children has continued to expand. The mainstream of the toy market has quickly shifted to trendy toys, so we can see that the proportion of fashionable toys in the industry is also increasing. The bigger. However, for the younger generation of parents, Chaowan is more like preparing toys for themselves. When choosing toys for children, educational toys such as puzzles and building blocks have become more choices.

When the parents lead the children to the store to choose toys, the choices will be very diversified. On the one hand, the children will prefer the IP image derived from the animation film and television, on the other hand Children often choose their favorite toys 'on the fly'.

The proportion of offline retail is decreasing but still dominating

In addition to toys, there will be other categories in offline physical stores. For example, children's clothing, maternal and child products, etc., but overall, toys have gradually become the backbone of offline maternal and child stores.

From the 2018 data, the national toy retail scale reached 70.48 billion yuan, an increase of 9% year-on-year. Although the global toy retail has been affected by the bankruptcy of Toys R Us, we It can still be seen that, driven by the huge domestic market and rising demand, toy retail still has a good increase. However, it is worth considering that the phenomenon of increasing production but not increasing profits is still inevitable.

The impact of the Internet is indeed not to be ignored, but data shows that the toy retail offline channel still has an estimate of 71.3% in the year, which means that for a long period of time in the future, offline retail will still be a toy Market dominance of the industry.

The concept of online and offline is vague, and new channels are constantly growing

As mentioned above, offline toy sales are more dependent on whether parents and children come to the store to choose. From a regular perspective, parents still dominate the selection of toys. Last year’s Double Eleven data showed that among educational toys, building block toys had the highest sales. Obviously, the creativity and imagination brought by toys are more concerned by parents.

Online and offline users will have different degrees of overlap, so online and offline data will also be of reference value. However, the blurring of the boundaries between online and offline is a big trend. Creating an online traffic entrance through offline stores has gradually become the mainstream of retail stores. Pure online or offline models must be gradually eliminated. Yes, the reason why domestic stores can continue to increase against the global trend is also part of the reason. 'Proximity' is also the biggest advantage of offline retail. Precise attracting customers, high-quality quick feedback, and word of mouth from users are some of the benefits of 'Proximity'.

In addition to traditional offline retail stores, more business models are gradually entering the market, such as new social sales, new experiential sales, and professional exhibitions in various cities that we often hear meeting.

Through the portraits of parents choosing toy categories, we can more clearly see the key points of the store's profit sources. However, if domestic offline stores want to resist the impact of e-commerce, it is not enough to rely on consumers' personal wishes. The rise of additional toy content, the diversification of channels, and the addition of brand IP attributes will all become offline A breakthrough in retail.

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