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Big data of toy sub-category sales, education and technology attributes go hand in hand

by:Toysmax     2021-05-31

E-commerce platforms have been impacting the development of offline retail since they entered the public's attention. The strong impact of channel changes has made many brands choose to shift the battlefield and find new incremental markets.

Online has therefore become the main battlefield for most categories of goods, so online data largely represents the trend of the industry. As a representative non-fast-selling product, toys are naturally included in it.

Which categories of toys are more popular with consumers? Which categories of toys have better market prospects in the future? Through the data from the background of InfoCom, we can interpret the needs and status of toy sub-categories in the market.

The proportion of sub-category sales in 2018

From the head category, in 2018, disassembly and assembly toys, strollers/children’s roller skating, electric/remote control /Inertia/Clockwork toys, plush fabric toys firmly control the top four sales shares. They accounted for 16.5%, 13.0%, 10.8%, and 10.7% respectively. Compared with the 2017 ranking, although there is no category change, the plush toy category has dropped significantly. Judging from this proportion, the current trend of the toy market is still to pay more attention to hands-on ability, or to say that the male toy category has more advantages.

Although we cannot rule out that there are super giants like Lego in the disassembly and assembly toys, but the disassembly and assembly toys do bring a better experience for consumers. In addition, the category of toys also determines in a sense whether it is suitable for the 'ageing' development.

2018 sub-category sales proportion

With the improvement of consumption level and the change of everyone’s life philosophy, more and more Many adults have restarted their 'toy journey

From the perspective of growth, thanks to the increase in consumption power and online shopping, in addition to yo-yo and traditional building blocks, there are Different levels of growth, among which baby souvenirs/personal toys have the largest increase, reaching 135.3%. Now parents born in the 90s have gradually entered the market. They hope to record the growth of their babies. In other words, the value of such toys is even greater. What's more is its additional content.

In addition, the proportion of children’s chess and handmade toys with obvious educational attributes also increased significantly, both at about 40%. This kind of entertaining product will still become the main theme in the toy category in the future.

It is worth noting that the smart toys that have emerged in recent years have become the main fighting force in the growth market. The growth rates of children's smart toys and children's robots are 112% and 88.7%, respectively. AI is bound to become a very critical part of the trend of the times, and it is no exception in the toy industry.

As a giant in the industry, Lego’s blessing has made disassembly and assembly toys a top spot in sales, but it is precisely this market ecology that has created a situation of 'being cool under the big tree'. In disassembly toys, in addition to Denmark, which is the production area of u200bu200bLego, other overseas brands also have a large share.

For example, Japan ranked second in sales of 130 million, which is even higher than the first place in other sub-categories.

However, it is worth thinking about the fact that overseas manufacturers’ brands still account for more than half of the major sub-categories of toys. It is now in the sensitive period of the Sino-US trade war. Domestic brands need to be steady while seeking quickness in their occupation of technology and market.

In the price range, the price of disassembly toys is concentrated between 286-1163, but there is great market potential in the high price market above 1163. This part of the market is likely to become the battlefield for top brands in the future. From the perspective of the entire toy market, the prices of traditional toys are generally relatively low, while the prices of emerging toys are generally higher due to the increase in production costs.

In general, disassembly and assembly toys have maintained a relatively stable lead in terms of sales and sales; toys with educational and technological attributes have been very large in the past year With the current market situation, this kind of growth will become more and more rapid.

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