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Be careful of the potential sharp points of the toy

by:Toysmax     2021-05-15

Recently, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Toysmith of Sumner jointly announced the implementation of a voluntary recall of the clap bracelets with animal patterns made in China. The recalled clap bracelet consists of steel sheets and woven fabrics, pasted with various animal patterns: seahorses, frogs, snakes, starfish, crabs, lizards, dolphins and fish. The number of goods recalled this time is approximately 89,500. The reason for the recall is that the steel sheet in the clap bracelet can penetrate the knitted outer layer, and the sharp edges are dangerous to scratch children. Up to now, Toysmith of Sumner has received 8 injuries. For this reason, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that consumers immediately return the recalled clap bracelet to the retail store for a full refund.

In recent years, the sharp edges of toys have become the focus of daily inspection and supervision. Relevant regulations and standards have clarified that toys for children under 96 months of age should not have accessible dangerous metals or glass. For sharp edges, there are corresponding protection requirements for functional sharp edges. But in daily life, we often only pay attention to the sharp edges that can be touched, and do not care much about the built-in dangerous sharp edges, which become a potential 'time bomb'. Therefore, inspection supervisors and enterprise quality inspectors are required to attach great importance to the reasonable evaluation of the built-in sharp edges, that is, there will be no danger of injury during the normal use of toys and the foreseeable and reasonable abuse.

To this end, the inspection and quarantine department reminds relevant export companies: First, pay close attention to foreign quality standards and recall notifications, strengthen risk prevention awareness, strictly follow standard production inspections, and eliminate export safety hazards; second, we must do well Product design is related to the reasonable evaluation of the customer’s sample requirements in accordance with the standard requirements, and the mechanical damage that the product may cause to children should be fully considered to avoid the product from being notified abroad; third, it is necessary to contact the inspection and quarantine department for information and technical support, especially for For new products or products with questions, it is necessary to communicate and contact in time to eliminate risks in the bud, so as to truly prevent problems before they occur.

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