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Baidu's vertical e-commerce operations are blocked, and future stores announce closure

by:Toysmax     2021-05-09

On June 17, 2016, when various e-commerce platforms were actively preparing for 6.18, Baidu’s vertical e-commerce platform for betting on smart hardware – Baidu Future Store announced that it was shutting down. eve. Now on the future store page, there is only one notice of closure. This means that Baidu Future Store, which was launched in March 2015, has come to an end after a year of operation.

The announcement shows that Baidu Future Store will be closed on June 15, 2016. Thank you for your continued support of Future Store. This adjustment will bring you the same We apologize and hope that Baidu can continue to serve you in new business directions in the future.

Actually, Baidu Future Store has basically stopped updating since March, but there has been no official explanation, and there are no rumors of closure. It is somewhat regrettable to suddenly announce this decision. The main business of Baidu Future Store is to sell and promote various types of smart hardware, such as smart water cups, smart coasters, and fitness analyzers. Nowadays, smart products are blooming everywhere, Baidu Future Store But was shut down.

Baidu's exploration in the field of e-commerce seems to have not been smooth. There have been many attempts, all of which ended in failure. In 2008, Baidu launched the online shopping platform Baidu Youah. In 2010, facing the increasing consumer demand of users, Youah innovatively launched a pan-e-commerce platform-Youah Life. After less than 3 years of operation, Baidu Youah announced the closure of its mall business at the end of March 2011, and all the merchandise, shops, and transaction-related functions of the shopping platform were closed.

Since then, Baidu has started the fall and then rise again mode, and has launched Lekutian, Baidu Youah (new version of, Baidu Health Medical Center, Baidu Mall, etc., but the situation is not acceptable. Optimistically, these platforms have either received mediocre response, their sense of presence has become lower and lower, or they have been shut down.

I still remember that two bigwigs had such a controversy about the future of physical stores and e-commerce: In December 2012, at the CCTV Economic Annual Awards Ceremony, Alibaba Jack Ma and Wanda Group Wang Jianlin 'Whether e-commerce can replace traditional store operations' began a debate. During the dinner, the two bet that by 2020, if the e-commerce market share in China's retail market exceeds 50%, Wang Jianlin will give Ma Yun 100 million yuan, otherwise, Ma Yun will lose 100 million yuan to Wang Jianlin. This is the sensational 'Ma Yun and Wang Jianlin bet 100 million

Summary: Objectively speaking, e-commerce has many advantages, but for the general public, traditional physical stores are difficult to be replaced, because traditional physical stores are visible and tangible, which can bring Consumers have a great sense of security. Toy physical stores are even more irreplaceable. In terms of service items alone, it is difficult for toy e-commerce companies to bring consumers a real offline experience like physical toy stores. Therefore, for the toy industry, the most suitable development method is It is based on the physical toy store, using the Internet and e-commerce as tools, to make the business of your store better and better.

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