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Baby's toy is robbed, what should parents do

by:Toysmax     2021-06-07

If your baby has his toys taken away, what should you do as a parent? The Xizhibao brand tells you that if a baby toy is robbed, parents should do the following things.

1. Don’t be a good teacher

It is a normal behavior for babies to play with each other and compete for toys. As a parent, don't try to intervene, like the practice of being a teacher and educating your baby. In fact, this approach is not right. The toy grabbing between them should be respected. There is no need to raise a matter to an adult's contradiction.

2. Don’t use violence to control violence.

Some parents see such actions and directly use violence to control violence and help babies take away toys. This method is not conducive to their psychological growth. . You must know that babies have a strong ability to imitate, and every move of parents may affect their growth. Still learn to handle it correctly and set a good example for the babies.

3. Encourage children to express.

Don’t go out for the baby right away. On the contrary, you can give your baby a chance to express. When the baby's expression is not very good, the parents can express for her, 'Do you want that toy, right?' This will not only exercise the baby's language communication skills, but also promote their brain development.

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