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Baby's little yellow duck bath toy is an artifact to coax babies, but it is also a breeding ground for bacteria

by:Toysmax     2021-05-15

Baby bathing with toys will definitely be very happy to take a bath while playing. The bath toys are mainly represented by the little yellow duck.

Parents with children at home, I don’t know if you have this experience. The baby is easy to cry when taking a bath, but if you put a little yellow duck, a little lion and other plastic toys, the child will become special Obediently, this has made the little yellow duck an artifact in the hearts of many parents. However, experts recently discovered that this kind of yellow duck and its flexible plastic toys soaked in the bathtub are breeding grounds for bacteria.

Picture source: Internet

A little yellow duck floating in the water is full of cuteness. They are the favorites of babies. Put on the little yellow duck to distract the baby and finish the bath smoothly. This also makes the parents lament that the little yellow duck is worthy of being a 'bath artifact'. When the reporter visited many toy stores in the city, he could find the little yellow duck.

This kind of little yellow duck is cheap and squeaks in your hand. It is very fun, so it is very popular among children. In addition to the little yellow duck, there are many similar toys in the store, such as lions, hippos, dinosaurs and other different combinations.

According to the owner, the little yellow duck is put in when the baby is bathing, and there is no need to worry about hygiene and no need to clean it separately. The reporter observed that almost all of these toys are three-free products, with no raw materials, names, production methods, product descriptions, and production dates. When the reporter asked the question, the owner did not answer directly, but introduced another so-called 'high-quality' bath toy to the reporter.

The reporter interviewed several parents at random on the street. Most of them have bought little yellow ducks for their babies, and little yellow ducks are especially popular with children. And they also said that they have not paid attention to the hygiene problems of the little yellow ducks.

Recently, scientists have conducted an 'dissection' study on the 'bath duck' and found that even if you squeeze the water inside it cleanly, the inside is also a breeding ground for bacteria. Investigations and studies have shown that 4 out of 5 ducks are moldy and smelly inside, and there are many kinds of molds and bacteria that can cause infections in children. Some of the most terrifying bacteria include Legionella pneumophila and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Researchers have discovered that the growth of microorganisms is not only affected by plastic materials, but also by the behavior of bathers. The main problem is that after warm bath water enters these toys made of low-quality polymers, the toys will release organic carbon compounds, which become nutrients for the growth of bacteria.

After the researcher cut the toy, the area of u200bu200bbacteria in the little yellow duck can be said to be astonishingly large, with 5 to 75 million cells per square centimeter. Although a certain amount of bacteria can help strengthen a child's immune system, these bacteria can also cause eye, ear, and intestinal infections.

At present, the reporter has reported the investigation situation to the industry and commerce department, and they reply that they will inspect the sales of such products in the market and find that the illegal products will be dealt with according to law.

Wen Yuan: Jingzhou TV Station

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