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Baby's crawling coach, sports quiz, voice control, three major games

by:Toysmax     2021-06-07

Some babies are born to be active little ones, but there are also some babies who don’t like to move at all, so they can’t move any way you want, which is too lazy. What should parents do when facing these lazy babies?

As parents know, crawling is very helpful for baby's movement coordination and depth perception, can develop the right brain, and enrich the connection between the big and small brains. Therefore, parents should correctly guide their babies to learn to crawl.

When purchasing baby toys, parents can choose some educational toys with sound, light and sound effects, so that they can attract the baby to play happily and catch up with and learn to crawl.

Obei’s baby duck toy has three voice control modes, which can give the baby more freshness of crawling, and the duck’s mouth can sing and can sing to the baby. Can also guide.

The little duck will prompt the baby to put the duck egg into the cone and lay the egg, which can stimulate the baby’s curiosity and logical thinking. The bright color of the toy can help the baby recognize the color. Touch the duck’s head and mouth. Promote the baby's tactile development.

If there is such a lazy baby at home, parents may wish to try this method, there must be unexpected surprises, parents who like it, hurry up and wash away the lazy baby. ! In this way, you will never be afraid that your baby will not move!

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