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At home in the summer, give your baby a bear plush soothing story machine

by:Toysmax     2021-06-03

At home during summer vacation, buy a toy for your baby! Buy a cute educational toy to let your baby enlighten wisdom and play safely and worry-free. Bigfoot bear plush comforting the story machine is cute, it is made of safe and environmentally friendly plush fabric to make extremely delicate toys, and it is very smart, as long as the baby shakes it gently, it will automatically tell a story or sing, and immediately make the baby anxious Emotional calm, coupled with a bear-like appearance, is definitely the baby's favorite toy.

The blue bear story machine is very popular with boys. Isn’t it handsome?

The pink bear story machine is beautiful.

Chinese New Year, give your baby a big red festive bear story machine.

Mom is not at home, the baby can dress up the bear!

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