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Are children's smart watches children's anti-lost products or simple children's smart toys?

by:Toysmax     2021-05-20

From the product name or the definition of most businesses, the attribute of children's positioning watches is 'children's anti-lost product'.

But if you study the motivations of consumers' purchases in depth, you will find an interesting phenomenon: in fact, the product attributes are more biased towards 'children's smart toys.' why?

First of all, because this kind of product actually has a very limited anti-lost effect: most of the children who use this kind of product are children above school age, and these children rarely find home in their daily lives. Circumstances, if it does happen to be lost, I am afraid that other conditions have occurred; the product adopts the GPS solution, which is large in size and has a very short battery life. It is difficult to achieve 'concealed use'. 'Retrieving the product' is nothing more than;

Secondly, in reality, more and more purchase motivations are actively requested by children. Most of the reasons are 'because classmates have them'......

Finally, more and more merchants have added a large number of social and entertainment functions in their development. These accessory functions are becoming the main motivation for sales. Therefore, the main attribute of children's positioning watches should be more inclined to 'children's toys' or 'children's social products.'

Some people may say that it’s good to sell, no matter how much it is!

But the real difference is: Is your publicity aimed at parents (the media that parents contact)? Or is it aimed at children (children's media)? The difference here is big.

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