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Are children's plush toys safe? Eighty percent of children's plush toys are worrying about the safety of products

by:Toysmax     2021-05-20

A few days ago, an incident concerning the quality and safety of children’s plush toys triggered heated discussions among consumers. A popular Australian lavender bear with a price of 379 on the Internet was found to contain weed seeds and live insects in the inner filling. Larger security risks. A few days ago, the China Consumers Association conducted random inspections on plush toys on the market, and a total of 30 well-known plush toys produced by 25 companies were sampled. The test results show that more than 80% of the sample parts and accessories are easy to fall off, and their mechanical and physical properties are poor, and they are easy to be eaten by children and cause suffocation hazards; coils and ribbons are too thin, which can easily cause strangulation to children. Eighty percent of children’s plush toy samples did not meet the test standards, and the product quality and safety are worrying.

It is reported that among the random samples, the eyes and other parts of 6 sample toys fall off to form small parts after tensile test, which are easy to be swallowed by children; the plastic bags or plastic films used for packaging of 16 sample toys are too thin , It may cause children to be covered by plastic bags, and there is a danger of suffocation; 12 models of toys used by children aged 18 months and under have too large a ribbon or strap to form a loop, which can cover the child’s head and the mouth on the toy The thread and foot thread are too thin, and there is a danger of strangulation of infants and young children. The formaldehyde content of one sample is 96.1 mg/kg (the national standard limit is 20 mg/kg), and the formaldehyde content seriously exceeds the standard, which affects the health and safety of children. In addition, some toys have unclear element identification or material strength that does not meet the standard.

Stuffed toys are the most common best-selling skin-friendly products for infants and young children. Relevant companies should strengthen product quality monitoring and grasp the bottom line of quality and safety. The relevant person in charge of the China Consumers Association also reminded consumers that when buying stuffed toys and other children's skin-friendly products, they should pay attention to the product's certificate and tag, and understand the product's raw material content, age range, product maintenance methods and other related information. Secondly, check whether there is any peculiar smell, whether there is a safety hazard, etc.

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