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Are children's educational building blocks fun? Bangbao multifunctional building table 3in1 design•complete functions

by:Toysmax     2021-05-25

Nowadays, children have too many toys, except for cars, dolls, and building blocks. Building blocks must be purchased in various materials such as wood and plastic. But does Bangbao multi-function building table surprise you with it? The design of Bangbao Multifunctional Building Table 3in1 is a building table, a study table, and a storage cabinet at the same time.

The design of Bangbao multifunctional building table is very careful! The table is divided into two sides, the first is the building blocks to build up the surface, there are 90 building blocks, you can recognize numbers, learn letters, recognize graphics, and you can also insert different shapes at will, let the imagination of the flying baby be free. When you’re tired of playing, flip to the other side, and you can start the learning mode. You can sit and read, draw, and store sundries. It’s almost 6 to fly.

The building blocks of Bangbao multifunctional building table are shaped like numbers, letters, and graphics, and the colors are bright and bright. In this case, the baby's math enlightenment, English enlightenment, and visual development are all alive! At the same time, there is a storage basket under the desktop, which can be taken out and placed on the ground when playing with blocks. It is more convenient to pick up. When you are not playing, you can put all the miscellaneous things in.

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