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Aobay creative spelling toy building blocks to improve the baby's hands-on ability

by:Toysmax     2021-04-13

With the development of society, children's toys are constantly evolving and updating. The new generation of Aobay creative puzzle toy building blocks has won the favor of consumers with the advantages of being more scientific and more suitable for babies. Aobay creative spelling music building block toys have 9 interesting sound effects and 3 nursery rhymes, giving creative babies more interaction and feedback, and making them more playful.

The main principle of Aubai creative puzzle toy building blocks is that they are composed of a variety of different materials of hard and soft plastics, and the surface design of the building blocks is uneven The texture is suitable for the baby to grasp by himself, promote the baby's tactile development, and give the baby more different tactile experiences. At the same time, it is different from the traditional granular building blocks. The creative puzzle building blocks adopt a rotating deformation design, which can be changed to different shapes according to the shape, and it will make a 'click' sound.

Aobei creative play building block toys can let babies play their own creativity freely through some simple play combinations, not only can Improve the baby's hands-on ability, inspire their creativity, and also enlighten the baby's sensitivity to artistic creation, stimulate the baby to give full play to imagination and creative wisdom, and spell out more interesting images. So as to form a lively, cheerful and healthy personality, and promote the development of the baby's intelligence.

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