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A multifunctional fitness frame that combines early education and exercise to fully exercise your baby's athletic ability and sensory development

by:Toysmax     2021-06-13

Many parents buy some toys before their babies are born. Mommy often asks, what toys are suitable for babies under one year old? Because babies under one year of age cannot play with toys on their own, they can be guided by sight, hearing and touch. Baby fitness frame is a good choice.

Fisher-Price Baby Fitness Frame is a multi-purpose children's toy that accompanies the baby for more than 18 months and grows up happily with the baby. It is a toy that allows the baby to play and enjoy! The hanging toy rattles and pedal keys stimulate the baby's senses, fully exercise the baby's athletic ability, and promote the strength development of the baby's lower limbs.

The fitness frame is placed flat on the bow column, which allows the baby to have full close contact with the toy, and enhances the baby's back muscles and neck development during play. This fitness frame also has a musical piano, different musical sound effects and flashing lights, which attract the baby to play constantly, let the baby experience different music feelings and exercise the development of the baby's hand, and give the baby the early education and enlightenment of music. The fitness frame has five brightly colored and interesting pendants, with special textures, shaking or tapping sound. The piano enhances pleasant music and comprehensively promotes the baby's sensory development of sight, hearing and touch.

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