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2019 CBME China pregnant, baby and child exhibition launches large-particle building block toys to be popular

by:Toysmax     2021-05-25

The world's largest pregnancy, infant and child exhibition-the 19th CBME China pregnancy, infant and child exhibition ended today (26th) at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The exhibition covers an area of u200bu200bmore than 290,000 square meters, more than 100,000 visitors, and more than 3,300 exhibitors. It continues to uphold the principle of 'bring in and go outChildren's brands and products, bringing together all categories of new products for pregnant, baby and children. During the exhibition, Bruco, a subsidiary of Putao Technology, brought the latest series of building blocks, Big Eyes, which attracted great attention from everyone.

With the concept of 'Technology Accompanying GrowthAt the new product launch forum, Sheng Xiaofeng, COO of Grape Technology, promoted and introduced the innovative building block products that his design and operation team led with large-particle building blocks as the core. Bruker's large-particle building block toys have a high degree of technological integration, integrating AR, remote control, programming, sensors and other high-tech technologies, and their technological integration is second to none in domestic and foreign products. The addition of smart technology can help children build building blocks and increase their attraction to children. Blocks of bland building blocks can be combined at will and immediately become 'intelligent educational robots' that can be coded, earning enough attention on the exhibition.

The large-particle building blocks developed by Bruker are tailor-made based on the sensitive period of children and the theory of multiple intelligences, according to the characteristics of the growth stage of children aged 1-6. Particle building blocks stimulate children's imagination and creativity. It is reported that, compared with traditional small-particle building blocks, large-particle building blocks are easier to disassemble and can not only allow children to play for a long time, but also cultivate their self-confidence. In the process of playing, they can be satisfied with a sense of accomplishment and gain, and at the same time absorb more. knowledge. “Building block toys can not only build shapes, but also be remotely controlled and manipulated. Intelligent interaction is the core of large-particle building block toys. At the same time, large-particle building blocks represent a new way of playing. Build your own shapes, not just remote control cars, even voice-controlled cars and voice-controlled airplanes.' Sheng Xiaofeng said. He also introduced that Bruker's technological building blocks have rounded corners, toy materials are more child-friendly, the gameplay breaks the one-way build-up style, multi-dimensional builds are more playable, and can be connected to AI, programming and other technological factors. , Let children experience the advantages of technology interaction and more fun. Providing children with parent-child building block courses through the supporting APP can promote the comprehensive development of children's cognitive ability, logical thinking ability, spatial imagination and creativity in the critical period of growth and development of 1-6 years old. As a Chinese original building block brand, Bruker’s large-particle building blocks are a subversion of traditional building blocks, bringing more suitable building block toys to children aged 1-6 and their families, and providing new opportunities for the future development of the Chinese toy market. Ideas. Sheng Xiaofeng said that Bruker's product design currently focuses on children aged 3-5, and will develop to children aged 1.5-3 and 5 years old in the future. 'Bruco will combine the introduction of the technological interactive parts system in the future to further upgrade the play of toys. Through the combination of PAG (toys, animation, and games), more children in China will learn to play with building blocks and train them in combination with their children’s psychology. Their self-confidence makes their growth better match the future technological society.” Sheng Xiaofeng said.

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