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14 toy manufacturers in Guangdong voluntarily recalled some toy products

by:Toysmax     2021-05-06
In accordance with the requirements of the 'Children's Toy Recall Management Regulations   The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine requires other companies that produce similar toys to take a highly responsible attitude to users, fulfill the obligation of recalling defective products in accordance with the law, and voluntarily recall toys with similar defects. The products within the scope of this recall are due to small parts, sharp tips, plastic bags used for packaging toys, protrusions, ropes, elastic ropes, small balls, the thickness of the round holes on rigid materials, the gaps between moving parts, etc. Security risks.   When the above-mentioned defective toys or toy parts are exposed to children, it may cause accidental injury to children and endanger their health and personal safety. Therefore, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine reminds parents of children to pay attention to the following when buying toys: 1. Check whether the toy has the name of the manufacturer, address, telephone number, main materials or ingredients, age group, safety warnings, etc.  2, attention should be paid to small parts and other toy accessories that are likely to cause danger. Pay attention to the precautions to check whether the toy is marked with 'small parts insideSmall non-removable parts on toys, such as the eyes and buttons of plush toys, should be pulled a few times by hand to see if there is any looseness when buying.   3. Check the burrs and edges of the toy. When buying plastic toys, touch the surface of the toy with your hands. The surface should not have burrs and the edges should be smooth to prevent children from cutting the skin during play. Pay attention to choosing toys made of thicker plastic materials to prevent small fragments from being swallowed by children after the toy falls.  4. Throw away the plastic outer packaging of toys as soon as possible. Because children’s curiosity may cause them to use thinner plastic bags as toys, once they are placed in the mouth and nose, the consequences will be disastrous. Plastic bags with sufficient thickness and perforated plastic bags greatly reduce this risk.   The length of the rope with accessories on the drag toys used by children under 5 and 3 should not exceed 220 mm. It is best to stroke the rope horizontally with your hands. Choose smooth ones without burrs to prevent the rope from hurting the children. In addition, if you buy a drag toy for your child, it is best to let the child play in an open place to prevent the child from getting caught in the rope and hurting the child.   6. Don't choose toys with pores about the size of children's fingers. The standard requires that for toys used by children 5 years and younger, the diameter of the accessible hole should be less than 6 mm, and the depth of the opening should be greater than 10 mm.
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