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10 kinds of toys that are most suitable for children to enlighten

by:Toysmax     2021-06-03

Toys are an indispensable part of children's growth. A good toy can help children grow, develop their intelligence, and promote their growth and development. So how to choose a good toy for the child has become a problem for parents to think about. After research and investigation, 10 kinds of toys that are most suitable for children have been launched.

1 ringing ring

It is most suitable for children of 3 months. At this stage, children start to use the functions of vision, taste, smell, etc. The colorful ringing ring can effectively help Develop vision and touch and hearing.

2. The ball

The nature of the ball feels that its dynamic, colorful sphere is very easy to attract children's attention, and it is the easiest to exercise children's physical fitness. But pay attention to the size of the ball when choosing, and avoid swallowing it.

3 building blocks

One of the oldest toys, building blocks can be said to accompany many children through their childhood. Can develop children's creativity.

4 compound shape boxes

Implement children's observation ability, suitable for children over 18 months. Know the contrast and containment of shapes.

5. Sand

This is one of the childhood toys for all children. Children after 18 months will no longer be curious about everything in their mouths. The touch and plasticity of sand allows children to give full play to their imagination, develop their brains and at the same time develop their minds well.

6 dolls

It is a way for children to imitate adults. During the interactive entertainment process of dolls, children feel that they are adults. In the process of entertainment, children’s knowledge of knowledge will be Further deepen.

7. Stacking cups

For a two-year-old child, stacking cups is the most infinite game. It can be stacked into a tower or reduced into a single Cup, you can also hide small building blocks or other small things in the stack of cups and look for it. Through this kind of games, children can know that although some things are invisible to the eyes, they actually exist.

8. Picture book

Two-year-old children have already recognized many objects through eyes, mouth, and hands. If they can find the objects they know in the picture book, it should be What a fun! Of course, parents can also teach their children more things through picture books. Of course, this type of painting has simple lines and bright colors, and you can recognize what it is at a glance.

9. Toy cars

By the end of two years old, children can basically control all parts of their bodies and can drive 'small carsRide a 'big horse'. If the 'car' can still carry some of their own small toys, and they can act as a transport driver, it will be a lot of fun.

10. Animal toys that can be pulled around

Children will be fascinated by the “animals” that can move around. They will gradually understand that this rope originally has such a pulling force, which is more inspiring than those electric toy cars that use dry batteries

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