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0-3 years old baby toy recommendation, building block toys have many benefits

by:Toysmax     2021-05-07

It is necessary to make the baby happy and safe to play, but also to improve the baby's intelligence. In the process of playing with toys, it stimulates the baby's imagination and creativity. So which toys are suitable for 0-3 years old babies to play? The editor below recommends a building block toy suitable for them to play.

Building block toys have been developed for more than one hundred years. They are usually cubic wood or plastic solid toys, usually decorated with letters or pictures on each surface, allowing different arrangements or construction activities. There are various styles, which can develop children's intelligence, can be assembled into houses, and various animals. Building blocks help children’s intelligence and training children’s hand-eye coordination. The arrangement, joining, ringing, symmetry, etc. of the building blocks are all good for children’s intelligence. In addition, there are many benefits. Let’s follow the Yuanzhi building block toy brand to take a look. !

0-1 year old baby: colorful cloth building blocks

Baby before 1 year old has not formed a clear concept of space in his mind, so the color is bright The cloth building blocks can help them perceive colors, recognize objects, and develop tactile sense, without harming them.

1-3-year-old babies: lightweight building blocks

The spatial awareness of babies over 1-year-old is forming, and they will start to grow taller. Because the baby's body control and hand-eye coordination skills are not very good during this period, light-weight building blocks are better to help them form spatial awareness, and it can also prevent them from injuring them after the building blocks collapse.

2-3 years old baby: standard building blocks

The space concept, language, thinking and imagination of the baby over 2 years old have been developed, and the hand movement and hand-eye coordination ability have been enhanced. Do something a little more complicated. Therefore, choosing standard size blocks is more conducive to the baby's creation.

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